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This is a VGS Cheat Sheet that includes all the Voice Guided System commands for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of SMITE.

There is currently 156 different commands.

List of all Voice Commands[edit | edit source]

A - Attack[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Attack left lane!" VA1 XSquare AX BY
"Attack middle lane!" VA2 XTriangle AY BX
"Attack right lane!" VA3 XCircle AB BA
"Attack Fire Giant!" VAF XXSquare AAX BBY
"Attack the Gold Fury!" VAG XXCircle AAB BBA
"Attack the Titan!" VAM XXTriangle AAY BBX
Attack left tower/phoenix VAT1 XR1R1Square XBOX BRBRBY
Attack middle tower/phoenix VAT2 XR1R1Triangle XBOX BRBRBX
Attack right tower/phoenix VAT3 XR1R1Circle XBOX BRBRBA

B - Enemy[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Enemies in left lane!" VB1 CircleR1SquareSquare XBOX ARBYY
"Enemies in middle lane!" VB2 CircleR1SquareTriangle XBOX ARBYX
"Enemies in right lane!" VB3 CircleR1SquareCircle XBOX ARBYA
"Enemy ultimate incoming!" VBA L1TriangleCircle XBOX LBXA
"Enemies have returned to base." VBB CircleR1SquareX XBOX ARBYB
"Enemy ultimate down!" VBD L1TriangleX XBOX LBXB
"Enemies behind us!" VBE CircleR1CircleX XBOX ARBAB
"Enemies at the Fire Giant!" VBF CircleR1TriangleSquare XBOX ARBXY
"Enemies at the Gold Fury!" VBG CircleR1TriangleCircle XBOX ARBXA
"Enemies in the Left Jungle!" VBJ1 CircleR1CircleSquare XBOX ARBAY
"Enemies in the right jungle!" VBJ3 CircleR1CircleCircle XBOX ARBAA
"Enemies in the jungle!" VBJJ CircleR1CircleTriangle XBOX ARBAX
"Enemies at our Titan!" VBM CircleR1TriangleTriangle XBOX ARBXX
"Enemy spotted!" VBS CircleR1TriangleX XBOX ARBXB

C - Careful[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Be careful left!" VC1 L1R1Square XBOX LBRBY
"Be careful middle!" VC2 L1R1Triangle XBOX LBRBX
"Be careful right!" VC3 L1R1Circle XBOX LBRBA
"Return to base!" VCB L1L1TriangleX XBOX LBLBXB
"Be careful!" VCC L1CircleX XBOX LBAB
"Be careful in the jungle!" VCJ L1R1X XBOX LBRBB

D - Defend[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Defend left lane!" VD1 R1XSquare AX RBBY
"Defend middle lane!" VD2 R1XTriangle AY RBBX
"Defend right lane!" VD3 R1XCircle AB RBBA
"Defend the Fire Giant!" VDF R1XXSquare AAX RBBBY
"Defend the Gold Fury!" VDG R1XXCircle AAB RBBBA
"Defend the Titan!" VDM R1XXTriangle AAY RBBBX

E - Emotes[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
Awesome VEA TriangleSquareSquare YXX XYY
Greatest VEG TriangleSquareX YXA XYB
Joke VEJ SquareSquare XX YY
Laugh VEL SquareCircleSquare XBX YAY
You rock! VER TriangleSquareCircle YXB XYA
Taunt! VET SquareTriangle XY YX
Woohoo! VEW TriangleSquareTriangle YXY XYX

F - MIA[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Enemy missing left!" VF1 CircleSquare BX AY
"Enemy missing middle!" VF2 CircleTriangle BY AX
"Enemy missing right!" VF3 CircleCircle BB AA
"Enemy missing!" VFF CircleR1R1 XBOX ARBRB

G - Gank[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Gank left lane!" VG1 R1SquareSquare XX RBYY
"Gank middle lane!" VG2 R1SquareTriangle XY RBYX
"Gank right lane!" VG3 R1SquareCircle XB RBYA

H - Help[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Help left lane!" VH1 R1TriangleSquare YX RBXY
"Help middle lane!" VH2 R1TriangleTriangle YY RBXX
"Help right lane!" VH3 R1TriangleCircle YB RBXA
"Help!" VHH R1TriangleX YA RBXB
"Need Healing!" VHS TriangleL1Square XBOX XLBY

I - Incoming[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Enemies incoming left!" VI1 CircleR1XSquare XBOX ARBBY
"Enemies incoming middle!" VI2 CircleR1XTriangle XBOX ARBBX
"Enemies incoming right!" VI3 CircleR1XCircle XBOX ARBBA
"Enemies incoming!" VII CircleR1XX XBOX ARBBB

Q - Ward[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Ward Left!" VQ1 R1CircleSquare BX RBAY
"Ward middle!" VQ2 R1CircleTriangle BY RBAX
"Ward Right!" VQ3 R1CircleCircle BB RBAA
"Ward Fire Giant!" VQF R1CircleXSquare BAX RBABY
"Ward Gold Fury!" VQG R1CircleXCircle BAB RBABA
"Need Wards!" VQN R1CircleXTriangle BAY RBABX
"Ward Here!" VQQ R1CircleXX BAA RBABB

R - Retreat[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Retreat left lane!" VR1 CircleXSquare BAX ABY
"Retreat middle lane!" VR2 CircleXTriangle BAY ABX
"Retreat right lane!" VR3 CircleXCircle BAB ABA
"Retreat from the Jungle!" VRJ L1L1TriangleSquare XBOX LBLBXY
"Retreat!" VRR CircleXX BAA ABB
"Save yourself!" VRS TriangleCircleCircleCircle XBOX XAAA

S - Self[edit | edit source]

Section Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
A - Attack "I'll Attack left lane!" VSA1 XR1Square XBOX BRBY
"I'll Attack middle lane!" VSA2 XR1Triangle XBOX BRBX
"I'll Attack right lane!" VSA3 XR1Circle XBOX BRBA
"I'll Attack!" VSAA XR1X XBOX BRBB
"I'll Attack Fire Giant!" VSAF XL1Square XBOX BLBY
"I'll Attack the Gold Fury!" VSAG XL1Circle XBOX BLBA
"I'll Attack the Titan!" VSAM XL1Triangle XBOX BLBX
B - Jungle Buff "I'm going for jungle buff!" VSBB L1SquareSquare XBOX LBYY
"I need the jungle buff." VSBN L1SquareTriangle XBOX LBYX
"Take this jungle buff." VSBT L1SquareCircle XBOX LBYA
D - Defend "I'll defend left lane!" VSD1 R1L1SquareSquare XBOX RBLBYY
"I'll defend middle lane!" VSD2 R1L1SquareTriangle XBOX RBLBYX
"I'll defend right lane!" VSD3 R1L1SquareCircle XBOX RBLBYA
"I'll defend!" VSDD R1L1SquareX XBOX RBLBYB
"I'll defend the Fire Giant!" VSDF R1L1TriangleSquare XBOX RBLBXY
"I'll defend the Gold Fury!" VSDG R1L1TriangleCircle XBOX RBLBXA
"I'll defend the Titan!" VSDM R1L1TriangleTriangle XBOX RBLBXX
G - Gank "I'll gank left lane!" VSG1 R1R1SquareSquare XBOX RBRBYY
"I'll gank middle lane!" VSG2 R1R1SquareTriangle XBOX RBRBYX
"I'll gank right lane!" VSG3 R1R1SquareCircle XBOX RBRBYA
"I'll gank!" VSGG R1R1SquareX XBOX RBRBYB
O - On it "I'm on it!" VSO TriangleR1Triangle XBOX XRBX
Q - Ward "I will ward left!" VSQ1 R1R1TriangleSquare XBOX RBRBXY
"I will ward middle!" VSQ2 R1R1TriangleTriangle XBOX RBRBXX
"I will ward right!" VSQ3 R1R1TriangleCircle XBOX RBRBXA
"I will ward!" VSQQ R1R1TriangleX XBOX RBRBXB
R - Retreat "Falling back!" VSR TriangleL1Triangle XBOX XLBX
S - Building Stacks "I'm building Stacks!" VSS L1CircleTriangle XBOX LBAX
T - Returned "I'm returning left lane!" VST1 CircleL1SquareSquare XBOX ALBYY
"I'm returning middle lane!" VST2 CircleL1SquareTriangle XBOX ALBYX
"I'm returning right lane!" VST3 CircleL1SquareCircle XBOX ALBYA
"I'm returning to base!" VSTB CircleL1SquareX XBOX ALBYB
"I have returned!" VSTT L1L1CircleTriangle XBOX LBLBAX

T - Returned[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
"Enemies have returned left!" VT1 CircleL1TriangleSquare XBOX ALBXY
"Enemies have returned middle!" VT2 CircleL1TriangleTriangle XBOX ALBXX
"Enemies have returned right!" VT3 CircleL1TriangleCircle XBOX ALBXA
"Enemies have returned!" VTT CircleL1TriangleX XBOX ALBXB

V - Other[edit | edit source]

Section Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
B - BRB "Be right back!" VVB L1XSquare LBAX LBB
C - Completed "Completed!" VVC TriangleR1Circle XBOX XRBA
G - General "Bye!" VVGB TriangleTriangleTriangle XBOX XXX
"Have fun!" VVGF TriangleTriangleX XBOX XXB
"Good game!" VVGG TriangleXSquare XBOX XBY
"Hi!" VVGH TriangleTriangleSquare XBOX XXY
"Good luck!" VVGL TriangleTriangleCircle XBOX XXA
"Nice Job!" VVGN TriangleXXCircle XBOX XBBA
"Oops!" VVGO TriangleXTriangle XBOX XBX
"Quiet!" VVGQ TriangleXXSquare XBOX XBBY
"No Problem!" VVGR TriangleCircleTriangle YBY XA
"Curses!" VVGS TriangleCircleCircleX XBOX XAAB
"That's too bad!" VVGT TriangleXXX XBOX XBBB
"You're welcome!" VVGW TriangleR1Square XBOX XRBY
K - AFK "Stepping away for a moment." VVK TriangleR1X XBOX XRBB
M - Out of mana! "Out of mana!" VVM L1CircleSquare XBOX LBAY
N - No! "No!" VVN TriangleCircleCircleSquare XBOX XAAY
P - Please? "Please?" VVP TriangleCircleCircleTriangle XBOX XAAX
S - Sorry! "Sorry!" VVS TriangleXCircle XBOX XBA
T - Thanks! "Thanks!" VVT TriangleCircleSquare XBOX XAY
V - Position "Set up an ambush here!" VVVA L1L1CircleSquare XBOX LBLBAY
"Behind us!" VVVB L1L1SquareSquare XBOX LBLBYY
"Chase the enemy!" VVVC L1L1SquareCircle XBOX LBLBYA
"Ultimate is down!" VVVD L1TriangleTriangle XBOX LBXX
"On my way!" VVVE L1XTriangle XBOX LBBX
"Follow me!" VVVF TriangleL1Circle XBOX XLBA
"Group up!" VVVG L1CircleCircle XBOX LBAA
"Going into the jungle!" VVVJ L1L1CircleCircle XBOX LBLBAA
"Split push!" VVVP L1L1TriangleTriangle XBOX LBLBXX
"Ultimate is ready!" VVVR L1TriangleSquare XBOX LBXY
"Stay here!" VVVS L1L1TriangleCircle XBOX LBLBXA
"It's a trap!" VVVT L1L1SquareTriangle XBOX LBLBYX
"Place a Ward for teleport!" VVVW L1L1CircleX XBOX LBLBAB
"Spread Out!" VVVX TriangleL1X XBOX XLBB
W - Wait! "Wait!" VVW TriangleXXTriangle XBOX XBBX
X - Cancel that! "Cancel that!" VVX L1XCircle XBOX LBBA
Y - Yes "Yes!" VVY TriangleCircleX XBOX XAB

X - Social Emotes[edit | edit source]

Text PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch
W - Wave VXW SquareCircleCircle XBOX YAA
D - Dance VXD SquareCircleX XBOX YAB
C - Clap VXC SquareCircleTriangle XBOX YAX
S - Special VXS SquareXSquare XBOX YBY
F - Furious VXF SquareXCircle XBOX YBA
G - Special 2 VXG SquareXTriangle XBOX YBX
E - Global Emote VXE SquareXX XBOX YBB