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Training features a training course, a number game mode tutorials and also a shooting range map. These modes are designed to help players learn more about the game and practice their skills.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Queue tutorial.png

Tutorials are highly structured training sessions for beginning players. These sessions feature a narrator guiding the player to do specific actions on the Joust, Arena, Conquest, and Clash maps. The actions of the player are restricted to the tutorial's objectives and they may be moved around the map to allow for a quick completion. Except for the Basic Tutorial, players have the choice of playing as Guan Yu, Neith, Ra, Thor, or Ymir.

Basic Tutorial[edit | edit source]

This tutorial is the first thing new players complete when they begin to play Smite. This tutorial can only be played with Neith. It takes place on the Joust map and guides the player on navigating the battlefield, using abilities, destroying enemy structures and purchasing and using items. Completing this tutorial for the first time will grant Experience and Favor.

Arena Tutorial[edit | edit source]

This tutorial teaches the player the basics of the Arena mode along with some general tips about jungle camps. Each team starts with only 100 Tickets, instead of the usual 500.

Conquest Tutorial[edit | edit source]

This tutorial teaches the player the basics of the Conquest mode. This tutorial changes it's information depending on the class of god chosen, instructing players on the basics of the 2-1-1 strategy. Players also learn about the Jungle and its bosses, the Fire Giant and the Gold Fury.

Clash Tutorial[edit | edit source]

This tutorial teaches the player the basics of the Clash mode. Players are guided through the main objectives in most lane-based game modes, like destroying enemy structures and defeating neutral monsters, along with purchasing items.

Training[edit | edit source]

Queue Training.png

Training is a beginning player experience designed to introduce the core mechanics of Smite. It consists of the Basic Tutorial, Joust 3v3 Practice, Arena Tutorial and Arena Practice. Players receive bonus Experience and Favor for completing each node in order.

Jungle Practice[edit | edit source]

Queue Jungle.png

This mode is designed to allow players to experiment with gods to develop new strategies. Jungle Practice does not have an objective, and players are given several tools to allow for free-form exploration. All gods are available for player to try, even if they have not purchased or rented them. Each of the four buff camps, as well as the Gold Fury and Fire Giant reside in alcoves around a Grecian temple. There is also a lane of minions and a large area with a computer controlled Ra. Additional features include 100,000 starting gold, a central healing fountain, two invincible but non-attacking Odins, and small fountains that allow the player to instantly level up and down. Items can be bought and sold from anywhere on the map.

Co-Op vs. AI[edit | edit source]

While not part of Training, this mode allows players to join up with friends to fight against computer controlled enemies. Arena, Joust, Conquest, Clash and Assault can be played this way. Normal rates of Experience and Favor are rewarded from this mode, but players will not receive Worshipers and cannot complete Achievements.

Before entering the queue for any Co-Op vs. AI mode, players can select between two difficulties for the computer controlled Bots: 'Easy' or 'Medium'.

Players can also toggle the 'Practice' option, which will allows them to fight only alongside and against Bots. Thus players can practice game modes and strategies alone. However, this option prevents them from gaining any rewards.