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Titles are Cosmetic Items in SMITE that once equipped will display a text next to the player's name. Players can choose which title they want to use from the loadout screen.

List of Titles[edit | edit source]

Sir Dame Divine Godlike Gift Giver God of Giving The Popular Superstar King
Sir Title Dame Title Divine Title Godlike Title Gift Giver Title God of Giving Title The Popular Title Superstar Title King Title
Queen Forge Breaker Too Hot for You The Legend
Queen Title Forge Breaker Title Too Hot for You Title The Legend Title
  • Sir and Dame: These titles could be obtained by purchasing Classic Joust's Royal Champion Bundle.
  • Divine and Godlike: These titles are granted as level-up rewards for reaching account level 100 and 160.
  • Gift Giver, God of Giving, The Popular and Superstar: These titles are granted as rewards for achievements from the gifting system.
  • King and Queen: These titles could be obtained by purchasing any of the bundles from the Legend of Camelot event.
  • Forge Breaker: This title could be obtained by defeating Titan Forge devs during the SMITE the Devs streams.
  • Too Hot for You and The Legend: These titles are obtainable by purchasing and achieving enough levels in the 1st Battle Pass and The Legend of Camelot.