The Papis

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The Papis [(PAP1S)]
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Team Information
Location: Spain
Team Captain: Dracomarino
Manager(s): Javi "Nemesiano" Alayón

Biography[edit | edit source]

Formely ASES CLUB, The Papis formed on April 30, 2015, is a pro team that have some of best players of spanish language.

History[edit | edit source]

25/03/2018: iCreeDx moves to Jungle, Dheylo and RemagDoku leave the team. Julio69 enters as Solo and MrNazer enters as Mid.

24/01/2018: The Papis descends to the SML (Smite Minor League) due to the reduction of the SPL teams from 8 to 6

13/05/2017: The Papis promote to SPL (Smite Pro League).

07/05/2017: The Papis win SHL (SmiteHub League)

13/03/2017: The Papis is eliminated by Optimus Gang

29/01/2017: Perilla12 (Hunter) and DavidArnaiz (Support) kicked from 'The Papis'.

Warchi move to Hunter role and "Dracomarino" joins the team as a Support.

14/06/2015: YalukZ return of schooling and take the role of support.

14/06/2015: Th3ArchangeL take again the role of middle lane.

14/06/2015: PosPal middle lane of Papis leave the team because they do not plan to be a substitute.

20/06/2015: DavidArnaiz leave VitalBoom and join to The Papis

20/06/2015: YalukZ leave The Papis

03/08/2015: Th3ArchangeL becomes a sub because they stop playing a time

Player Roster[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role
Icon Player Flag Spain.png Warchi Marc Gómez Hunter
Icon Player Flag Spain.png iCreeDx Ángel Jungle
Icon Player Flag Spain.png Julio69 Julio Solo
Icon Player Flag Spain.png MrNazer Sergio Mid
Icon Player Flag Spain.png Dracomarino David Support

Former[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role Date
Icon Player Flag Spain.png Perilla12 Raúl Hunter
Icon Player Flag Spain.png DavidArnaiz David Support
Icon Player Flag Peru.png Th3archangel Jhonny López Support
Icon Player Flag Spain.png inimr Support
Icon Player Flag Spain.png Yalukz Support
Icon Player Flag Spain.png PosPalSuelo Daniel Valera Mid
Icon Player Flag Spain.png YalukZ Mid

Tournament Results[edit | edit source]

Date Event Placing
13-05-2017 Relegations 1st
07-05-2017 SmiteHub League (SHL) Goldmedal.png 1st
15-11-2016 SmiteHub League (SHL) Goldmedal.png1st
05-02-15 SPL Summer Qualifiers 7th
12-27-15 CES Season 2 Goldmedal.png 1st