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Basic Info
Name Nich Lewis
Country USA
Team Woony Tunes
Role TheBoosh
Peak Conquest Rank S2 League Tier Conquest Diamond.png Diamond (6)
Twitch theboosh_on_smite
Twitter boosh_smite

TheBoosh is Woony Tunes's mid laner.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After being a long-time casual friend of many competitive players, TheBoosh entered the competitive scene as the mid laner for The Game Changers, who later renamed to COGnitive Red. He played in his first LAN at the SPL NA Kick-Off LAN in August 2014, taking first place. Many thought TheBoosh was the MVP of the tournament, performing extremely well on Ra, Ao Kuang, and pulling out pocket-picks He Bo and Chronos in the finals.

Unlike the rest of his team, TheBoosh’s first step into the competitive scene was with the current TSM roster. His breakout during SPL Kick Off LAN was the start of a dominant season 1, where he ended the year with the highest KDA of any player (9.3), only 21 deaths, and an 11-0 Ra. Now a veteran of the scene, TheBoosh has more than his mechanics and Ra gameplay to rely on for season 2.

SMITE Tournament Series Statistics[edit | edit source]

SMITE World Championship Series Regional Qualifiers[edit | edit source]

Team History[edit | edit source]

Team Date Role Reason for Leaving
The Game Changers April - June 2014 Mid Organization Change
300px-COG Logo.png COGnitive Red June 2014 – March 2015 Mid Organization Change
TSM logo white.png Team SoloMid March 6, 2015 – January 2016 Mid Team Disbanded
Team Cloud9.pngCloud9 January 2016 - February 2016 Mid Organization Change
Woony Tunes February 2016 - Present Mid

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

2014-04-27 Alienware Arena #2 Silvermedal.png The Game Changers 1-2 COGnitive Gaming 300px-COG Logo.png
2014-08-09 SPL NA Kick-Off LAN Goldmedal.png COGRed Sprite.png COGnitive Red 3-1 Team Dignitas Dignitas logo.png
2014-08-09 - 2014-11-22 SPL Season 1 Goldmedal.png COGRed Sprite.png 17W-4L
2014-11-22 SWC NA Regional Qualifiers Goldmedal.png COGRed Sprite.png COGnitive Red 2-1 COGnitive Gaming 300px-COG Logo.png
2014-11-22 Season 1 Smite World Championships Bronzemedal.png COGRed Sprite.png COGnitive Red 2-0 SK Gaming Sk gaming1.png