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Distance measurments[edit source]

I have found a way to measure the exact distance of any movement ability. If you would like to record an ability's distance, you can use the following steps:

1) Go into Jungle Practice Mode DO NOT MOVE YOUR CHARACTER OR THE CAMERA. Enter the following command in chat: /combatlog toggle piped
2) Train the ability to rank 1 and then use it (again, DON'T MOVE YOUR CAMERA OR THE GOD during this)
3) Go to the "Documents" folder of your PC and navigate to My Games/Smite/BattleGame/Logs
4) Open the most recent log (CombatLog_XXXXXXXXX.log) in Notepad (or a similar plaintext editor)
5) Use the "Replace" function under the Edit menu to replace all "|" with a tab/indent.
6) Copy everything into Excel or another spreadsheet editor.
7) Look for "type=IET_CastStart" and "type=IET_CastComplete" in the second column which should both have "itemname=NAME OF ABILITY" in the seventh column.
8) Use the CastStart "locationy" (5th column) and compare it to CastComplete's "locationy". Find the difference between them and this is the distance traveled (Be sure to note that you may start with negative numbers).
9) This number uses a different unit than is mentioned by ingame radii or distances. Divide the number by 15.8181... to get the distance in proper units.
10) Round the number to a whole number (no decimals) and put it in the Movement Abilities page of the wiki, where "unknown" is.
11) Congratulations! You have helped tremendously!

Math Example: Mercury's Sonic Boom. CastStart: locationy=3058. CastComplete: locationy=-1744.
3058 - (-1744) = 4802 ... 4802 / 15.8181 = 303.57
We will round this to 300 for simplicity.

If you move your camera or character (which is necessary if the ability is an ultimate) use the Pythagorean Theorum (x^2 + y^2 = d^2) where "x" is the difference between CastStart and CastCompletes "locationx" and "y" is the difference in "locationy" (Be sure to note that you may start with negative numbers). Isolate "d" as sqrt(x^2 + y^2)=d. Solve the equation. Divide by 15.8181... and you've got it!

NOTES: Currently, you start Jungle Practice at a bit of an angle. This results in a small difference in "locationy". The difference will be lost when you round to a whole number in the end anyway, so it doesn't matter too much. But, if you turn or move, either start from the lobby again (Easy) or use the Pythagorean Theorum as above (Exact).
You might choose to do all of this because the ability travels too far for the ingame ruler or you think a previous entry may be inaccurate (most were estimations using the ingame ruler).
If an ability doesn't appear in the log correctly, you may need to get creative (such as damaging a jungle camp as you move through them and then hitting it again at range once you've moved).

I personally THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping with this project. Phylea (talk) 19:30, 15 October 2015 (UTC)