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Player Information
Real Name: Jack Rowe
Role: Hunter
Team: [[]]
Peak League (Conquest): S2 Conquest Diamond 01.png Diamond
Peak League (Joust): [[File:S2 Joust {{{peakjoustlogo}}}.png|25px]]
Alternate IGNs:

Swifty is a Smite Hunter Player.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Swifty was Born in UK, England, on January 16th, 1999. He started playing SMITE in February of 2014. The first god he ever unlocked was Ullr. He had been playing by himself alongside his Call of Duty Career on and off. He had been playing CoD, since the year of around 2007 when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released. He later continued playing through the generations of Call of Duty, to find in Black Ops 2 a competitive scene with it known as "League Play". He had found a few friends within his school, to later find out that one of which had been playing SMITE for a while, known as Charlie "TheBushyOlive" Martin now known as "Senpai³". Through a year of playing, over time Swifty had learnt the ropes, and more about SMITE, thanks to TheBushyOlive and George "Nova" Rose, of whom is also a Hunter player within SMITE.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Swifty had been through a reasonable amount of SMITE. At the point of his friends playing a few other games, he was attached to SMITE. Finding "The Chaos Vanguard" of which was a Community Clan that he had formed a small team in of which was not the best of players, playing in the Jungler Role. Maining this role with a current FLASH Gaming player Lewis "Ezzune" Norman and others. With changes to his roster, he had ended out being a hunter for the team. Onwards from this clan, he was back with his old friends, of which allowed him to try out, sub and play for "Revival eSports". He played in the Solo role to then Hunter. Later on from that team, it had disbanded off from Revival and Jack "JustJaack" Butler had become leader and mid of "Acquired eSports" of where Swifty played Hunter.

After JustJaack had a few problems with his life, he gave up leadership, Swifty being the only willing person to take the role on. Finding links from different people, the team ended up disbanding of which JustJaack then joined "Gravity X" and Swifty joining "My Revenge e.V" forming of two sister teams "My Revenge Red" and "My Revenge Black". With Red slacking behind, Swifty had gone from the Hunter role to Mid Laner for "My Revenge Black" as they also had some roster changes for the good. The MYRB's Hunter was then removed from the main roster due to no microphone, making it difficult for the team to get through the 2015 Challengers Cup. The team then having roster changes, not working resulted in them disbanding.