Super Regionals 2015

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Super Regionals 2015
Tournament Information
Location Lan at Hirez Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.
Prize Pool Total Prize Pool: $493,000

Prize per Region: $246,500

Start Date November 17, 2015
End Date November 22, 2015
Website The Super Regionals

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Super Regionals is a single elimination bracket tournament over six days of competition held at Hi-Rez Studios. On November 17th – November 22nd, 6 teams from North America will face off in their own bracket, and the same for 6 teams in Europe. The LAN will be used to determine what teams out of North America and Europe will be heading to the SMITE World Championships in January. Only 5 of the 12 teams will move on to the SWC while the rest will wait for next season to begin.

Format[edit | edit source]

  • Bo5 for Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Grand Finals.
  • Bo3 for 3rd place decider.
  • Bo1 for 5th place decider.

Competing Teams for the NA Bracket[edit | edit source]

COG Sprite.png TSM logo white.png Enemy eSports logo.png
Cognitive Gaming Team SoloMid Enemy eSports
C9 logo.png EnVyUsLogo.png Team Eager.png
Cloud9 G2A EnVyUs Team Eager

North American Bracket[edit | edit source]

  Quarterfinals (Bo5) Semifinals (Bo5) Final Match (Bo5)
  EnVyUs 2
  Team SoloMid 1
  Enemy eSports 3
  Enemy eSports 3
  Enemy eSports 0
  Cloud9 G2A 3
3rd place match
  Team Eager 2
  Cloud9 G2A 3   EnVyUs 1
  Cloud9 G2A 3
  Cognitive Gaming 0   Team Eager 2

  5th/6th place decider (Bo1)
   Team SoloMid 1
   Cognitive Gaming 0

Competing Teams for the EU Bracket[edit | edit source]

Ldn-con logo.png Dignitas logo.png Fnatic Logo.png
London Conspiracy Team Dignitas Fnatic
PARA.png Team titan.png EpsiloneSports.png
PARADIGM Titan Epsilon eSports

European Bracket[edit | edit source]

  Quarterfinals (Bo5) Semifinals (Bo5) Final Match (Bo5)
  Epsilon eSports 3
  London Conspiracy 3
  London Conspiracy 0
  Titan 1
  Epsilon eSports 2
3rd place match
  Fnatic 0
  PARADIGM 3   London Conspiracy 1
  Team Dignitas 2   Fnatic 2
  5th/6th place decider (Bo1)
   Titan 0
   Team Dignitas 1