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SMITE Tournament Series presented by HiRez Studios
Tournament Information 

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Hi-Res Studios

Location: Online
Prize Pool: $1000  
Website: Smite Tournament Series presented by HiRez Studios

Smite Tournament Series by HiRez/schedule

SMITE Tournament Series[edit | edit source]

The SMITE tournament series has a weekly tournament for both NA and EU. The NA tournament starts at 12pm EST/18 CEST. The EU tournament starts at 9am EST/15 CEST.

Streams[edit | edit source]

Official Smite stream

  • Saturday:HiRezBart & LionHeart
  • Sunday: DiemBrandon & DryBear

NA Ranking[edit | edit source]

1) ROOT Gaming
2) Curse Gaming
2) Snipe Gaming
4) MyoElectric
4) Attack Fire Giant

EU Ranking[edit | edit source]

1) SK Gaming
2) Borderland Gaming EU
3) Victorious Secret
4) Elemon Gaming
5) XCeed Gaming

Prizes For The Weekly Tournament[edit | edit source]

Monthly Tournament Prizes:

1st Place: $750 (USD)

2nd Place: $250 (USD)

3rd Place: Gems (800)

4th Place: Gems (400)