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Skin voicelines
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This is the index for all Skin voicelines used by each god skin in SMITE. For the default voicelines for each playable god please go here: God voicelines.

Agni skins[edit | edit source]

T Agni Gemini Icon.png Gemini Agni voicelines
T Agni WinterHell Icon.png Ice Mage Agni voicelines
T Agni Infernal Icon.png Infernal Agni voicelines
T Agni Swagni Icon.png Swagni voicelines
T Agni Theater Icon.png Triumph & Agni voicelines

Ah Muzen Cab skins[edit | edit source]

T AhMuzenCab Cthulhu Icon.png Dark Whisperer Ah Muzen Cab voicelines
T AhMuzenCab SolidHornet Icon.png Solid Hornet Ah Muzen Cab voicelines
T AhMuzenCab SciFi Icon.png Swarm Sentry Ah Muzen Cab voicelines
T AhMuzenCab VoidPiercer Icon.png Void Piercer Ah Muzen Cab voicelines

Ah Puch skins[edit | edit source]

T AhPuch ChillingGrasp Icon.png Chilling Grasp Ah Puch voicelines
T AhPuch Tiki Icon.png Freaky Tiki Ah Puch voicelines
T AhPuch Alien Icon.png Galactic Invader Ah Puch voicelines
T AhPuch Cracker Icon.png Nutcromancer Ah Puch voicelines

Amaterasu skins[edit | edit source]

T Amaterasu Foxy Icon.png Foxy Amaterasu voicelines
T Amaterasu SpaceKnight Icon.png Ordo Solarus Amaterasu voicelines
T Amaterasu Summer Icon.png Sun Kissed Amaterasu voicelines
T Amaterasu SWC Icon.png SWC 2017 Heroine Amaterasu voicelines

Anhur skins[edit | edit source]

T Anhur TopHat Icon.png Duke dan de Lyons Anhur voicelines
T Anhur StarLancer Icon.png Star Lancer Anhur voicelines
T Anhur Space Icon.png Star Slayer Anhur voicelines

Anubis skins[edit | edit source]

T Anubis Demon Icon.png Demonic Pact Anubis voicelines
T Anubis KingJackal Icon.png Jackal Knight Anubis voicelines
T Anubis K9Police Icon.png K-9 Anubis voicelines
T Anubis Scifi Icon.png Stargazer Anubis voicelines

Ao Kuang skins[edit | edit source]

T AoKuang Steampunk Icon.png Clockwork Knight Ao Kuang voicelines
T AoKuang Dark Icon.png Dragon Knight Ao Kuang voicelines
T AoKuang SandSciFi Icon.png Sand Viper Ao Kuang voicelines

Aphrodite skins[edit | edit source]

T Aphrodite Witch Icon.png Aphra Cadabra Aphrodite voicelines
T Aphrodite Bikini Icon.png Beach Babe Aphrodite voicelines
T Aphrodite Pop Icon.png Diva Aphrodite voicelines
T Aphrodite Venus Icon.png Venus Aphrodite voicelines

Apollo skins[edit | edit source]

T Apollo Curse Icon.png Curse Voice Apollo voicelines
T Apollo SecretAgent Icon.png Elite Agent Apollo voicelines
T Apollo Punk Icon.png Vicious Apollo voicelines
T Apollo Racer Icon.png Winner's Circle Apollo voicelines

Arachne skins[edit | edit source]

T Arachne Cyber Icon.png Grim Weaver Arachne voicelines
T Arachne CreepyDoll Icon.png Ma Chérie Arachne voicelines
T Arachne Tormentula Icon.png Tormentula Arachne voicelines

Ares skins[edit | edit source]

T Ares Cthulhu Icon.png Abyssal Knight Ares voicelines
T Ares Fernando Icon.png Fernando Ares voicelines
T Ares Soldier Icon.png Soldier of Fortune Ares voicelines
T Ares CursedKnight Icon.png Spectral Sword Ares voicelines

Artemis skins[edit | edit source]

T Artemis NightElf Icon.png Moonlit Ranger Artemis voicelines
T Artemis CelticEvent Icon.png Oak-Seer Artemis voicelines
T Artemis CaveGirl Icon.png Primal Huntress Artemis voicelines
T Artemis CovertOps Icon.png Recon Artemis voicelines

Artio skins[edit | edit source]

T Artio WinterArctic Icon.png Arctic Seer Artio voicelines

Athena skins[edit | edit source]

T Athena Amazonian Icon.png Amazon Athena voicelines
T Athena RiotLight Icon.png Enforcer Athena voicelines
T Athena Liberte Icon.png Liberté Athena voicelines
T Athena RiotDark Icon.png Peacekeeper Athena voicelines

Awilix skins[edit | edit source]

T Awilix Halloween Icon.png Feline Fashion Awilix voicelines
T Awilix MidnightDove Icon.png Midnight Dove Awilix voicelines
T Awilix Rider Icon.png Renegade Awilix voicelines

Bacchus skins[edit | edit source]

T Bacchus Bear Icon.png Bearly Buzzed Bacchus voicelines
T Bacchus Operal Icon.png Brynhildr Bacchus voicelines
T Bacchus Beerchus Icon.png Hoot 'n Holler Bacchus voicelines
T Bacchus 420 Icon.png Super Chill Bacchus voicelines
T Bacchus TheKing Icon.png The King Bacchus voicelines

Bakasura skins[edit | edit source]

T Bakasura DeathMachine Icon.png Death Machine Bakasura voicelines
T Bakasura Bunny Icon.png Feaster Bunny Bakasura voicelines
T Bakasura Skull Icon.png Laughing Skull Bakasura voicelines
T Bakasura League Icon.png Rage Bakasura voicelines

Bastet skins[edit | edit source]

T Bastet CovertOps Icon.png Covert Ops Bastet voicelines
T Bastet Kawaii Icon.png Kawaii Pop Bastet voicelines
T Bastet StarTamer Icon.png Star Tamer Bastet voicelines

Bellona skins[edit | edit source]

T Bellona RebelSquad Icon.png Defiant Bellona voicelines
T Bellona Enyo Icon.png Enyo Bellona voicelines
T Bellona T2Skin Icon.png Furiona Bellona voicelines
T Bellona Rockabilly Icon.png Rock-A-Bellona voicelines
T Bellona Torment Icon.png Torment Bellona voicelines

Cabrakan skins[edit | edit source]

T Cabrakan Super Icon.png Gamma Slam Cabrakan voicelines
T Cabrakan NerdRage Icon.png Nerd Rage Cabrakan voicelines
T Cabrakan Mech Icon.png Tremor Tech Cabrakan voicelines

Camazotz skins[edit | edit source]

T Camazotz Lava Icon.png Brimstone Beast Camazotz voicelines
T Camazotz Jurassic Icon.png Jurassic Camazotz voicelines
T Camazotz Gargoyle Icon.png Stone Sentinel Camazotz voicelines

Cernunnos skins[edit | edit source]

T Cernunnos CursedPrince Icon.png Cursed King Cernunnosvoicelines
T Cernunnos Krampus Icon.png Krampus Cernunnosvoicelines

Chaac skins[edit | edit source]

T Chaac Bunny Icon.png Chaacolate Chaac voicelines
T Chaac VikingT1 Icon.png Einherjar Chaac voicelines
T Chaac AxeMurder Icon.png Slaughterhouse Chaac voicelines
T Chaac StormTech Icon.png Storm Tech Chaac voicelines

Chang'e skins[edit | edit source]

T ChangE Enchanted Icon.png Enchanted Chang'e voicelines
T ChangE SpacePrincess Icon.png Intergalactic Chang'e voicelines
T ChangE LatinDancer Icon.png Lunar Tango Chang'e voicelines
T ChangE Val2014 Icon.png Moonlight Love Chang'e voicelines
T ChangE Couple Icon.png Sun's Bride Chang'e voicelines

Chiron skins[edit | edit source]

T Chiron Mountie Icon.png Constable Moosejaw Chiron voicelines
T Chiron Unicorn Icon.png Fabulous Chiron voicelines
T Chiron DarkHorse Icon.png Hellrider Chiron voicelines
T Chiron Reindeer Icon.png Slay Bells Chiron voicelines

Chronos skins[edit | edit source]

T Chronos FallenLord Icon.png Fallen Lord Chronos voicelines
T Chronos FatherTime.png Father Time Chronos voicelines
T Chronos NRG Icon.png NRG Chronos voicelines
T Chronos Throwback Icon.png Super Chronos 64 voicelines

Cu Chulainn skins[edit | edit source]

T CuChulainn Summer Icon.png Bae Watch Cu Chulainn voicelines
T CuChulainn Nuclear Icon.png Wasteland Cu Chulainn voicelines

Cupid skins[edit | edit source]

T Cupid Bee Icon.png Bizzy B Cupid voicelines
T Cupid EvilGenius Icon.png Dr. Madlove Cupid voicelines
T Cupid PoorBoy Icon.png Guttersniper Cupid voicelines
T Cupid T2 Icon.png Head Over Heels Cupid voicelines
T Cupid Lunar Icon.png Lucky Baby Fuwa Cupid voicelines
T Cupid Ghost Icon.png Trick or Treat Cupid voicelines

Da Ji skins[edit | edit source]

T DaJi Rockabilly Icon.png Foxy Lady Da Ji voicelines

Erlang Shen skins[edit | edit source]

T ErlangShen Animal Icon.png Monster Trainer Erlang Shen voicelines
T ErlangShen Warden Icon.png Queen's Guard Erlang Shen voicelines

Fafnir skins[edit | edit source]

T Fafnir DarkDwarf Icon.png Dread-Lord Fafnir voicelines
T Fafnir Dwarf Icon.png Griffindwarf Fafnir voicelines

Fenrir skins[edit | edit source]

T Fenrir WhiteFlame Icon.png Inu Gami Fenrir voicelines
T Fenrir Classy Icon.png Lord Slashington III Fenrir voicelines
T Fenrir MetalCarnage Icon.png Metal Carnage Fenrir voicelines
T Fenrir Ragnorok Icon.png Ragnarok Fenrir voicelines
T Fenrir Wolfman Icon.png Wolf Man Fenrir voicelines

Freya skins[edit | edit source]

T Freya Musketeer Icon.png All for One! Freya voicelines
T Freya GetServed Icon.png Get Served Freya voicelines
T Freya Alien Icon.png Ordo Aurora Freya voicelines
T Freya PixelBuster Icon.png Pixel Buster Freya voicelines

Ganesha skins[edit | edit source]

T Ganesha WoollyMammoth Icon.png Primal Shaman Ganesha voicelines

Geb skins[edit | edit source]

T Geb Celtic Icon.png Druid Stone Geb voicelines
T Geb Mech Icon.png G.E.B. 1 voicelines
T Geb Beach Icon.png Life's a Beach Geb voicelines
T Geb Snowman Icon.png Snowman Geb voicelines

Guan Yu skins[edit | edit source]

T GuanYu DarkCyber Icon.png Grim Horseman Guan Yu voicelines
T GuanYu Unicorn Icon.png Guan Unicorn Guan Yu voicelines

Hachiman skins[edit | edit source]

T Hachiman OniMusha Icon.png Oni Musha Hachiman voicelines

Hades skins[edit | edit source]

T Hades DarkCyber Icon.png Grim Wraith Hades voicelines
T Hades Chibi Icon.png Heebee Chibi Hades voicelines

He Bo skins[edit | edit source]

T HeBo HeBro Icon.png He Bro voicelines
T HeBo InfinityWave Icon.png Infinity Wave He Bo voicelines
T Hebo Amazonian Icon.png Lord of the Amazon He Bo voicelines
T HeBo PixelRush Icon.png Pixel Rush He Bo voicelines
T HeBo Aussie Icon.png The Sydney Shredder He Bo voicelines

Hel skins[edit | edit source]

T Hel Expelled Icon.png Expelled Hel voicelines
T Hel Titan Icon.png Order and Chaos Hel voicelines
T Hel Seasons Icon.png Solstice Hel voicelines

Hercules skins[edit | edit source]

T Hercules ShrunkenHead Icon.png Derpules voicelines
T Hercules Slugger Icon.png Grand Slam Hercules voicelines
T Hercules Beach Icon.png Hunkules Hercules voicelines
T Hercules Luchador Icon.png La Roca Hercules voicelines
T Hercules Retro Icon.png Retrocles Hercules voicelines
T Hercules Knight Icon.png Vanguard Hercules voicelines

Hou Yi skins[edit | edit source]

T HouYi Cyber Icon.png Grim Eclipse Hou Yi voicelines
T HouYi LightAngel Icon.png Heaven's Arrow Hou Yi voicelines
T HouYi Tribal Icon.png Hou Ru Kai Hou Yi voicelines
T HouYi Mercenary Icon.png Iron Crow Hou Yi voicelines
T HouYi Couple Icon.png Moon's Groom Hou Yi voicelines

Hun Batz skins[edit | edit source]

T HunBatz Digital Icon.png Hun.BAT Hun Batz voicelines

Isis skins[edit | edit source]

T Isis Angelic Icon.png Celestial Isis voicelines
T Isis Scarlet Icon.png Scarlet Coven Isis voicelines

Izanami skins[edit | edit source]

T Izanami DollParts Icon.png Dreadful Doll Izanami voicelines
T Izanami Mummified Icon.png Mummified Izanami voicelines
T Izanami Plague Icon.png Plague-bearer Izanami voicelines

Janus skins[edit | edit source]

T Janus Dubstep Icon.png BA5S Drop Janus voicelines
T Janus Portal Icon.png Jandroid Janus voicelines
T Janus Elemental Icon.png Riftshaker Janus voicelines
T Janus Mystical Icon.png Worldwalker Janus voicelines

Jing Wei skins[edit | edit source]

T JingWei Metal Icon.png Mini Metal Jing Wei voicelines
T JingWei PoolParty Icon.png Pool Party Jing Wei voicelines

Kali skins[edit | edit source]

T Kali Superhero Icon.png Exterminator Kali voicelines
T Kali Pirate Icon.png Skaliwag voicelines
T Kali Alien Icon.png Trophy Hunter Kali voicelines
T Kali VikingT1 Icon.png Valkalli voicelines

Khepri skins[edit | edit source]

T Khepri ChefSpecial Icon.png Chef's Special Khepri voicelines
T Khepri LoveBugMale Icon.png Hug Bug Khepri voicelines
T Khepri LoveBugFemale Icon.png Ladybug Khepri voicelines
T Khepri SciFi Icon.png Star Eater Khepri voicelines
T Khepri Mech Icon.png Steel Scarab Khepri voicelines

Kukulkan skins[edit | edit source]

T KuKulan Chibi Icon.png Breezy Chibi Kukulkan voicelines
T Kukulkan Corrupted Icon.png Dragon's Rage Kukulkan voicelines
T Kukulkan Anime Icon.png Kuku Kukulkan voicelines
T Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl Icon.png Quetzakukulkan voicelines
T AoKuang Parade Icon.png Sacred Dragon Kukulkan voicelines
T Kukulkan Gentlemen Icon.png Sir Pentsworth IV, Esq. Kukulkan voicelines
T Kukulkan VoidWyrm Icon.png Void Wyrm Kukulkan voicelines

Kumbhakarna skins[edit | edit source]

T Kumbhakarna Yeti Icon.png Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna voicelines
T Kumbhakarna SleepyTime Icon.png Pajama Party Kumbhakarna voicelines
T Kumbhakarna WarBoss Icon.png Warlord Kumbhakarna voicelines

Kuzenbo skins[edit | edit source]

T Kuzenbo Kaiju Icon.png Kaijunbo Kuzenbo voicelines
T Kuzenbo Karate Icon.png Shino-bo Kuzenbo voicelines

Loki skins[edit | edit source]

T Loki Thief Icon.png Agent of Darkness Loki voicelines
T Loki Dead Icon.png Grim Mariachi Loki voicelines
T Loki Assassin Icon.png Infiltrator Loki voicelines
T Loki Joki Icon.png Joki Loki voicelines
T Loki Leprechan Icon.png Loki Charms Loki voicelines

Medusa skins[edit | edit source]

T Medusa EarthElement Icon.png Crystal Gaze Medusa voicelines
T Medusa SciFi Icon.png iDusa Medusa voicelines
T Medusa Cosmic Icon.png Nebula Medusa voicelines
T Medusa Mermaid Icon.png Sea Maiden Medusa voicelines

Mercury skins[edit | edit source]

T Mercury Quick Icon.png Captain Quick Mercury voicelines
T Mercury Modern Icon.png Modern Messenger Mercury voicelines
T Mercury Boxer Icon.png Prizefighter Mercury voicelines
T Mercury Cyborg Icon.png Rocket Punch Mercury voicelines
T Mercury RUNexe Icon.png Run.EXE Mercury voicelines
T Mercury Martial Icon.png Shaolin Fury Mercury voicelines

Ne Zha skins[edit | edit source]

T NeZha SciFi Icon.png Critical.DMG Ne Zha voicelines
T NeZha FlameLord Icon.png Fire Lord Ne Zha voicelines

Neith skins[edit | edit source]

T Neith BuccaNeith Icon.png BuccaNeith voicelines
T Neith Carnival Icon.png Carnaval Queen Neith voicelines
T Neith Kawaii Icon.png Harajuku Neith voicelines
T Neith NaughtyNurse Icon.png Ms. Diagnosis Neith voicelines
T Neith SchoolGirl Icon.png Mystic Defender Neith voicelines
T Neith Danger Icon.png Scarlet Dangerfield Neith voicelines
T Neith StarStrike Icon.png Star Strike Neith voicelines

Nemesis skins[edit | edit source]

T Nemesis Ninjia Icon.png Blind Vengeance Nemesis voicelines
T Nemesis Executioner Icon.png Executioner Nemesis voicelines
T Nemesis JPF Icon.png Leona JPF Nemesis voicelines
T Nemesis ModernMercury Icon.png Modern Mercenary Nemesis voicelines
T Nemesis TemplarAngel Icon.png Vanquisher Nemesis voicelines

Nike skins[edit | edit source]

T Nike CTF Icon.png Conqueror Nike voicelines
T Nike FallenAngel Icon.png Fallen Angel Nike voicelines
T Nike Falcon Icon.png The Sparrow Nike voicelines

Nox skins[edit | edit source]

T Nox Bunny Icon.png BunBun Nox voicelines
T Nox Cyber Icon.png Grim Shadow Nox voicelines
T Nox QueenofHearts Icon.png Heartbreaker Nox voicelines
T Nox StatueOfLiberty Icon.png Lady Liberty Nox voicelines
T Nox Voodoo Icon.png Madame Darkness Nox voicelines

Nu Wa skins[edit | edit source]

T NuWa Challenger01 Icon.png Challenger Nu Wa voicelines
T NuWa Necromancer Icon.png Dark Summoner Nu Wa voicelines
T NuWa T2 Icon.png Empress Nu Wa voicelines
T NuWa XmasElf Icon.png Nice and Naughty Nu Wa voicelines
T NuWa Horizons Icon.png Nu Horizons Nu Wa voicelines
T NuWa Oktober Icon.png Oktoberfest Nu Wa voicelines
T NuWa Retro Icon.png Old Wa Nu Wa voicelines

Odin skins[edit | edit source]

T Odin Samurai Icon.png DaimyOdin voicelines
T Odin Knight Icon.png Dread Knight voicelines
T Odin Mountain Icon.png Mountain Man Odin voicelines
T Odin Panda Icon.png Pandamonium Odin voicelines

Osiris skins[edit | edit source]

T Osiris DarkKnight Icon.png Black Knight Osiris voicelines
T Osiris Frankenstein Classic Icon.png Frankenhotep Osiris voicelines
T Osiris WhiteKnight Icon.png Noble Knight Osiris voicelines
T Osiris Frankenstein Future Icon.png The Re-Animated Osiris voicelines

Poseidon skins[edit | edit source]

T Poseidon DarkSorceror Icon.png Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon voicelines
T Poseidon Pirate Icon.png Dreadbeard Poseidon voicelines
T Poseidon Squid Icon.png King of the Deep Poseidon voicelines
T Poseidon KiddiePool Icon.png Poolseidon voicelines

Ra skins[edit | edit source]

T Ra Chibi Icon.png Beamy Chibi Ra voicelines
T Ra DarkMagic Icon.png Eldritch Ra voicelines
T Ra RaMerica Icon.png Ra'merica voicelines
T Ra Sunstar Icon.png Sunstar Ra voicelines

Raijin skins[edit | edit source]

T Raijin HeavyMetal Icon.png Devil Horns Raijin voicelines
T Raijin Monkey Icon.png Drums Out Raijin voicelines
T Raijin Warchief Icon.png Warchief Raijin voicelines

Rama skins[edit | edit source]

T Rama WoodElf Icon.png Nature's Guardian Rama voicelines
T Rama Milatary Icon.png Last Commando Rama voicelines
T Rama Scifi Icon.png Orbital Strike Rama voicelines
T Rama SuperheroArcher Icon.png The Marksman Rama voicelines

Ratatoskr skins[edit | edit source]

T Ratatoskr Esport Eager Icon.png Eager Ratatoskr voicelines
T Ratatoskr XMasSweater Icon.png Festive Ratatoskr voicelines
T Ratatoskr Fenrir Icon.png Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr voicelines
T Ratatoskr Flying Icon.png Squirrel Squad Ratatoskr voicelines

Ravana skins[edit | edit source]

T Ravana KillerInfiltrator Icon.png Eliminator Ravana voicelines
T Ravana MMA Beard Icon.png Rock From Bisrakh Ravana voicelines

Scylla skins[edit | edit source]

T Scylla Child Icon.png Child's Play Scylla voicelines
T Scylla Nightmare Icon.png Daisy Despair Scylla voicelines
T Scylla Red Icon.png Lil' Red Scylla voicelines
T Scylla HiTech Icon.png Prototype Scylla voicelines
T Scylla WinteryFrozen Icon.png Snow Day Scylla voicelines
T Scylla Vampire Icon.png Vampiric Scylla voicelines

Serqet skins[edit | edit source]

T Serqet DemonRed Icon.png Demonsoul Serqet voicelines
T Serqet Xeno Icon.png Dread Queen Serqet voicelines
T Serqet KunoIchi Icon.png Kunoichi Serqet voicelines
T Serqet SteamPunck Icon.png Madame Blade Serqet voicelines

Skadi skins[edit | edit source]

T Skadi MonsterHunter Icon.png Dragonkin Skadi voicelines
T Skadi SkiPatrol Icon.png Ski Patrol Skadi voicelines
T Skadi SuchCold Icon.png Such Cold Skadi voicelines

Sobek skins[edit | edit source]

T Sobek Croc Icon.png Crikeydile Sobek voicelines
T Sobek HighSeas Icon.png High Seas Sobek voicelines
T Sobek Kaiju Icon.png Kaiju Sobek voicelines
T Sobek LandShark Icon.png Land Shark Sobek voicelines

Sol skins[edit | edit source]

T Sol Galactic Icon.png Cosmic Sol voicelines
T Sol Meltdown Icon.png Meltdown Sol voicelines
T Sol Souless Icon.png Soulless Machine Sol voicelines
T Sol BubbleGum Icon.png Sweet Tooth Sol voicelines

Sun Wukong skins[edit | edit source]

T SunWukong TopHat Icon.png Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey Sun Wukong voicelines
T SunWuKong DarkLord Icon.png Dark Lord Sun Wukong voicelines
T SunWukong Elemental Icon.png Sun Wu Xing Sun Wukong voicelines

Susano skins[edit | edit source]

T Susano SamurAI Icon.png Steel Samurai Susano voicelines
T Susano Pirate Icon.png Swashbuckler Susano voicelines
T Susano Yurei Icon.png Yurei Susano voicelines

Sylvanus skins[edit | edit source]

T Sylvanus HappyTree Icon.png Bob Ross Sylvanus voicelines
T Sylvanus MadScientist Icon.png Dr. Vanus Sylvanus voicelines
T Sylvanus HighNoon Icon.png High Noon Sylvanus voicelines
T Sylvanus Holiday Icon.png Season's Spirit Sylvanus voicelines

Terra skins[edit | edit source]

T Terra Wrestler Icon.png Dropkick Terra voicelines
T Terra Igneous Icon.png Igneous Terra voicelines
T Terra CelticEvent Icon.png Spriggan Terra voicelines

Thanatos skins[edit | edit source]

T Thanatos Archon Icon.png Archon Thanatos voicelines
T Thanatos DarkAngel Icon.png Final Boss Thanatos voicelinesç
T Thanatos GrimReaper Icon.png Grim Reaper Thanatos voicelines
T Thanatos Mech Icon.png Reaper Tech Thanatos voicelines

The Morrigan skins[edit | edit source]

T TheMorrigan BathingSuit Icon.png SPF 666 The Morrigan voicelines
T TheMorrigan Goth Icon.png Twisted Metal The Morrigan voicelines
T TheMorrigan Thief Icon.png Woodland Rogue The Morrigan voicelines

Thor skins[edit | edit source]

T Thor Barbarian Icon.png Barbarian Thor voicelines
T Thor DemonLava Icon.png Brimstone Demon Thor voicelines
T Thor HeavyMetal Icon.png Heavy Metal Thor voicelines
T Thor AniMech Icon.png Ragnarok Force X Thor voicelines

Thoth skins[edit | edit source]

T Thoth StarScribe Icon.png Star Scribe Thoth voicelines
T Thoth Dark Icon.png Vizier Thoth voicelines

Tyr skins[edit | edit source]

T Tyr BlackArmorDragon Icon.png Draco Knight Tyr voicelines
T Tyr Evil Icon.png Hail to the King Tyr voicelines
T Tyr King Icon.png King Ar-Tyr voicelines
T Tyr Pirate Icon.png PrivaTyr voicelines
T Tyr Sockpuppet Icon.png Sock PuppeTyr voicelines

Ullr skins[edit | edit source]

T Ullr Beserker Icon.png Berserker Ullr voicelines
T Ullr FireandIce Icon.png Frostfire Ullr voicelines
T Ullr Assassin Icon.png Secret Order Ullr voicelines
T Ullr Survivor Icon.png The Survivor Ullr voicelines
T Ullr DragonHunter Icon.png Wyrm Slayer Ullr voicelines

Vamana skins[edit | edit source]

T Vamana Cangaceiro Icon.png Cangaceiro Vamana voicelines
T Vamana Rapper Icon.png Lil' Mana voicelines
T Vamana T2Skin Icon.png Rakshasa Vamana voicelines
T Vamana Badass Icon.png Serenity Vamana voicelines

Vulcan skins[edit | edit source]

T Vulcan AnarchyMechanic Icon.png Badlands Vulcan voicelines
T Vulcan FullMetal Icon.png Full Metal Vulcan voicelines
T Vulcan Pirate Icon.png Vulcap'n Redbeard Vulcan voicelines

Xbalanque skins[edit | edit source]

T Xbalanque FireDancer Icon.png Fire Dancer Xbalanque voicelines
T Xbalanque Digital Icon.png Jag.RAR Xbalanque voicelines
T Xbalanque JaguarFootballer.png Jaguar Footballer Xbalanque voicelines
T Xbalanque Ninja Icon.png Shinobalanque voicelines

Xing Tian skins[edit | edit source]

T XingTian Nature Icon.png Grove Keeper Xing Tian voicelines
T XingTian IronTyrant Icon.png Iron Tyrant Xing Tian voicelines
T XingTian SteamPunk Icon.png Siege Engine Xing Tian voicelines

Ymir skins[edit | edit source]

T Ymir FrostChild Icon.png Baron Frostchild Ymir voicelines
T Ymir IceCream Icon.png Belly Ache Ymir voicelines
T Ymir Irezumir Icon.png Irezumir Ymir voicelines
T Ymir Radioactive Icon.png Nuclear Winter Ymir voicelines

Zeus skins[edit | edit source]

T Zeus DJ Icon.png Heaven's Rave Zeus voicelines
T Zeus Dark Icon.png SWC 2016 Zeus voicelines
T Zeus UncleSam Icon.png Uncle Zeus voicelines

Zhong Kui skins[edit | edit source]

T ZhongKui DemonCatcher Icon.png Demon Catcher Zhong Kui voicelines
T ZhongKui Commando Icon.png G.I.Zhong Zhong Kui voicelines