SPL Season 2 NA Summer 2015 Challenger Cup

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SPL Season 2 NA Summer 2015 Challenger Cup
Tournament Information
Organizer HiRez Studios
Location USA
Format Single Elimination
Start Date May 16, 2015
End Date July 5, 2015

The SPL Season 2 NA Summer 2015 Challenger Cup is a series of weekly tournaments open to all teams that did not qualify for the SPL Season 2 Summer Split.

Format[edit | edit source]

  • A weekly, single elimination tournament where teams earn points
  • The top 4 teams by accumulated points will play in the Summer Qualifier tournament
  • The 5th/6th placed teams by points also have a chance for an invitation to the Summer Qualifier tournament.

Weeks 6 & 7 Format Change[edit | edit source]

The Challenger Cup Finals begin on 07/04/2015

The Top 8 teams from each region through weeks 1-5 in the Challenger Cup are broken into 2 groups of 4 and will compete in a Round Robin. Each team will play each other twice by the end of Week 7.

Tiebreakers after Week 7 will be held immediately after the last game is played in the Round Robin.

Week 8 Format Change[edit | edit source]

The Top 2 from each group will advance to a Single Elimination (Bo5) Bracket with the winners from each semifinal matchup advancing to the Fall Split Qualifiers.

Group Stage Roster[edit | edit source]

In the last three weeks of Challenger Cup, eight teams are split between two groups for the final brackets.

Group A[edit | edit source]

TeamlogoPH.png TeamlogoPH.png TeamlogoPH.png TeamlogoPH.png
Hi Five Yomi LunatiK Esports KoS Gaming

Group B[edit | edit source]

Resist gaming logo.png Noble eSports logo.png 300px-COG Logo.png TeamlogoPH.png
Resist Gaming Noble eSports COG Crusaders Torch

Week 1 Update[edit | edit source]

38 teams participated in Week 1 and the early rounds showed that competition will be tight this year as no team gave an inch. Early Spring Challenger Cup hopefuls, ‘That’s a Paddlin’ have rejoined the tournament and moved onto the second round. Noble eSports, MommaImOnTV and Normies Leave all defeated their opponents to advance as well.

Nothing got shook up in Rounds 2 & 3 as Hi-Five advanced through both onto the Quarter-Finals, along with Normies Leave, ReturN, Noble eSports and Resist Gaming. Team Zistar showed promise early but were unable to take down ReturN as they made it to the Semi-Finals vs. Noble eSports.

The Lower Semi-Finals was the highest profile much in Week 1 when Hi-Five and Normies Leave faced off. Normies Leave (cdubb, Wubbn, wigglessdabae, Quig, Whalrus) is comprised mostly of players that were on ReturN’s roster last split. Hi-Five on the other hand (Medieval, ElBrochacho, Grishank, Bolture, Wolfy2032) remained fairly the same with the exception of Wolfy2032 who was a sub this week as Nonton could not make it. Experience proved to be the victor here as the game last 25 minutes with Hi-Five taking a dominating win on their way to the Finals. The Upper Semi Finals saw ReturN drop to the 3rd/4th place matchup with Noble eSports rocketing to the finals with impressive play by Adjust and BkHaste.

Week 1 couldn’t have asked for a better matchup in the Finals. Noble eSports, who had never advanced to the Finals prior, took on a team hot off relegations. The games were back and forth for most of the time and the series had to be taken to its full extent with Noble eSports claiming the title Week 1 champions in a 2-1 series win.

Brackets[edit | edit source]

  Semifinals Finals
Yomi 3
Resist gaming logo.png Resist Gaming<sup>multiple results</sup> 1
Yomi 2
Hi-Five 1
TeamlogoPH.png Cog Crusaders<sup>multiple results</sup> 0
Hi-Five 3

Challenger Cup Points[edit | edit source]

MVPs[edit | edit source]

Week Name Team Position Source
Week 1 Adjust Noble eSports Jungle Announcement
Week 2 Bolture Hi-Five Mid Announcement
Week 3 Fearno Resist Gaming Hunter Announcement
Week 4 Elchapoo Hi-Five Solo Announcement
Week 5 Syper Noble Esports Solo Announcement

Round Robin[edit | edit source]

Rank Team Win/Loss Ratio
1 TBD -
2 TBD -
3 TBD -
4 TBD -
5 TBD -
6 TBD -
7 TBD -
8 TBD -

Finals[edit | edit source]

Rank Team Reward
1 TBD -
2 TBD -
3 TBD -
4 TBD -

Point distribution[edit | edit source]

Place Points
1. 100
2. 60
3. 40
4. 25
5-8. 10
9-16. 5
17.+ 2

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