SMITE Season 3 PTS Changes 2

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For the first Season 3 PTS, see the list of changes here: SMITE Season 3 PTS Changes 1
For the third Season 3 PTS, see the list of changes here: SMITE Season 3 PTS Changes 3


  • Fixed a typo in the Rising Dawn Daily Quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Reach Level 10" Daily Quest was misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue in which Silhouette highlighting would break on low world detail settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the home screen would not load images properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the escape overlay would persist when opening the scoreboard or item store from the escape menu.
  • Added Season 2 League Reward Bonus Frame.


In this next test the Bull Demon King will now only disable the first enemy objective available, so only the enemy tower will be disabled if both the tower and phoenix are still up when he is defeated. If only the phoenix is standing, it will be disabled. This change is to help with how quickly the map could snowball from one objective. Additionally, we've increased the Health of the Bull Demon King, and made the Mana and Power camps spawn more frequently.

  • Jungle camp respawn timers reduced to 180 seconds.
  • Bull Demon King now disables the first available objective instead of both.
  • Bull Demon King health has been increased from 1700 to 1900.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos team had incorrect portraits at their feet when they spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where players could jump out of the map near the Chaos tower.
  • Fixed an issue where players could attack the Joust titan and not receive aggro.
  • Fixed an issue where players could fall off the Joust map from the Order's fountain area.
  • Fixed a collision issue near the Ox King's Camp where players could get inside the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Phoenix particles would stay around permanently.
  • Fixed visual issues with the hit FX of both Titans.
  • Fixed an issue with where music wouldn't play properly on the Joust map.
  • Added an 'in-world' death timer to the Bull Demon King.
  • Joust camp timers now have art.


We are testing some revisions to the Conquest Jungle. These changes include modified XP and Gold for some of the camps to ensure Junglers have enough gold and experience, as well as the removal of the Speed Buff from the Fire Elementals. Speed Buff itself was a powerful buff placed in such a way it that it encouraged aggressive early game oriented comps, while also often causing disruptions in the flow of the jungle. With the Speed Buff removed they serve a new goal of being an option during downtime, while also providing something to consume, stack, or recover off of in the Jungle. We are interesting in seeing how this shift plays out and will be watching it closely to see how we want to proceed with the Fire Elementals.

  • The Speed buff help tip no longer displays when entering the Mana camp.
  • Fixed an issue where Speed Buff timers would persist after the fire giant spawned.
  • Removed the Speed Buff from the Fire Elementals.
  • Fire Elementals now respawn for the length of the match.
  • Fixed an issue where environmental animals would float or t-pose.
  • Adjusted XP values for Jungle camps.
  • Big Cyclops XP increased from 136 to 150.
  • Small Cyclops XP increased from 23 to 30.
  • Fire Elemental Gold increased from 13 to 15.


  • All recommended Item Profiles for Gods have been updated.


Purification was not adjusted this PTS cycle. After reviewing feedback, as well as looking at our overall goals around Purification Beads, we feel it is currently in an acceptable spot worth continued testing. With this decision we have changed certain items like Magi's to be more effective (70s Passive Cooldown), provided more Crowd Control Reductions options, as well as begun looking at adjusting Gods (such as Ares) with targeted changes. We will continue to be monitoring this decision closely during this week's PTS, and will continue to make adjustments if needed before this Patch goes live.

  • Relics can now be sold so long as the player has not left the fountain.
  • Fixed an issue where Rank pips could be seen on Relics in the Tab screen.
  • Relics now have unique borders in the Item store.

Sunder Relic.png Sunder

  • Sunder no longer hits multiple targets in close range of each other.
  • Removed the post-fire time from this active.


Icons Wards Consumable 01.png Sentry Ward

  • Fixed an issue where the sentry ward tooltip incorrectly said players were able to hold two.


CelestialLegionHelm T3.png Celestial Legion Helm

  • Increased cost from 1950 to 2100.

BreastPlateofValor T3.png Breastplate of Valor

  • Reduced cost from 2350 to 2300.

CloakofUnrelentingSorrow T3.png Cloak of Unrelenting Sorrow

  • Cost reduced from 3600 to 3100.
  • Fixed the FX for when this item procs.

DemonicGrip T3.png Demonic Grip

  • Reduced number of stacks from 6 to 4.
  • Increased protection Reduction from 6% to 8%.

DoomOrb T3.png Doom Orb

  • Increased cost from 1790 to 2050.

DynastyPlateHelm T3.png Dynasty Plate Helm

  • Reduced cost from 1750 to 1700.
  • Increased Magical Power from 40 to 50.

The Executioner.png The Executioner

  • Reduced number of stacks from 6 to 4.
  • Increased protection Reduction from 6% to 8%.

GenjisGuard T3.png Genji's Guard

  • Added unique FX to this item.
  • Reduced cost from 2600 to 2400.

Really big change to both Heartseeker and Soul Stone, in that the stacks are now only consumed upon successful damage dealt by an ability. This means it will no longer consume on non-damaging abilities.

Heartseeker T3.png Heartseeker

  • Stacks will now only be consumed on successful ability damage.
  • The bonus scaling damage from this ability is now applied as a second hit of damage (appears as a unique number).
  • Reduced Movement Speed from 15% to 10%.

SoulStone T1.png Soul Stone

  • Stacks will now only be consumed on successful ability damage.
  • The bonus scaling damage from this ability is now applied as a second hit of damage (appears as a unique number).

ImperialHelmet T1.png Imperial Helmet

  • Reduced cost from 750 to 700.
  • Increased Physical Protection from 10 to 20.

JadeMountainHelm T2.png Jade Mountain Helm

  • Reduced cost from 1250 to 1200.
  • Increased Physical Protections from 20 to 30.

MagisBlessing T3.png Magi's Blessing

  • Reduced passive cooldown from 90s to 70s.

Masamune T3.png Masamune

  • Reduced cost from 2400 to 2200.

OniHuntersGarb T3.png Oni Hunter's Garb

  • Stacks from this item will now properly remove themselves when the item is sold.

RuneforgedHammer T3.png Runeforged Hammer

  • Updated the short description of this item to correctly reflect its passive.

SpearofDesolation T3.png Spear of Desolation

  • Reduced Magical Penetration from 30 to 20.

SpectralArmor T3.png Spectral Armor

  • Reduced cost from 2300 to 2100.

SpiritRobe T3.png Spirit Robe

  • Increased Crowd Control Reduction from 10% to 20%.

StoneCuttingSword T3.png Stone Cutting Sword

  • Reduced cost from 3100 to 2900.

WindDemon T3.png Wind Demon

  • Reduced cost from 2800 to 2600.

WingedBlade T3.png Winged Blade

  • Removed Cooldown Reduction from this item.
  • Added 20% Crowd Control Reduction to this item.

God Changes

T Ares Default Icon.png Ares

  • Icons Ares A04.png No Escape
  • This ability no longer increases in stun duration for amount of targets pulled.

T Janus Default Icon.png Janus

  • Icons Janus Passive.png Passages
  • Reduced Magical Scaling bonus from 25% to 15%.

T Khepri Default Icon.png Khepri

We're testing a different nerf direction on Khepri, reducing the CC duration of his Abduct ability rather than the Damage Reduction from Rising Dawn.

  • Icons Khepri A01.png Abduct
  • Reduced pull duration from 1.5/1.7/1.9/2.1/2.3s to 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9s.
  • Icons Khepri A02.png Rising Dawn
  • Increased Damage Reduction from 5/10/15/20/25% to 10/15/20/25/30%.

T Mercury Default Icon.png Mercury

Back in Season 2 we provided some buffs to Mercury's passive that helped him be more potent. With some of our recent changes on PTS, most notably the Katana Tree, we felt these changes were no longer needed for Mercury to perform well.

  • Icons Mercury Passive.png Fastest God Alive
  • Reduced Physical Power bonus from movement speed items from 30% to 25%.
  • Reduced Physical Power bonus on next basic attack from distance traveled from 75% to 50%.

T Nemesis Default Icon.png Nemesis

  • Icons Nemesis Passive.png Scales of Fate
  • Now stacks up to the intended 4 stacks instead of 3.

T Scylla Default Icon.png Scylla

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where the highlighting options would break while Scylla was in her ultimate form.

T Sol Default Icon.png Sol

We've changed direction on the Sol nerf, instead focusing on the Stellar Burst one-shot potential that has dominated PTS. Stellar Burst will no longer proc in-hand effects, so if she is using Polynomicon, she'll have to follow it up with an in-hand attack. There might be another adjustment to Sol after this PTS phase, and we will be watching her closely.

  • Icons Sol A02.png Stellar Burst
  • This ability no longer counts as an in-hand attack for activating items, and deals normal ability damage.
  • Added the slow back onto this ability.
  • Fixed an issue where this skill had no description.

T Sylvanus Default Icon.png Sylvanus

  • Icons Sylvanus A03.png Nature's Grasp
  • Reduced Cooldown from 30/27/24/21/18 to 26/24/22/20/18.