SMITE Season 2 PTS Changes 1

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New Conquest Map

Jungle Camp Changes

There are several changes happening in the jungle that are designed to increase aggression and the viability of invading, while also better balancing the buff options available to your team. The removal of the mana buffs on the Gold Fury side of the map is intended to be paired with new itemisation and god balance adjustments coming in our next phase of PTS. The goal of this change is to reduce the amount of available mana in the long lane, thus allowing for more dynamic team combinations and improved itemization.

  • All jungle camps, including the Fire Giant and Gold Fury, no longer become invulnerable and heal instantly when leashed or reset. They now heal at a rate of 10% of their maximum health value every 1s and are able to be re-engaged during their retreat back to camp.
  • While leashing or out-of-combat, camp monsters will no longer take damage from sources outside of their leashing area.
  • The Power Buff and the Speed Buff on the Order side of the map have been swapped and are now aligned to be on the same side of the map.
  • The Speed Buff (Orange) now only provides movement speed, and not attack speed.
  • Both Mana Buff camps on the Gold Fury side of the map have been removed and replaced with a new Attack Speed Buff (Purple). This buff provides +15% attack speed.

Fire Giant

We've opening up the space around the Fire Giant to give a bit more breathing room for team fights. New attacks have been added to make his encounter more engaging, and more rewarding to counter-initiate upon.

  • The Fire Giant now uses both Melee and Ranged attacks.
  • The Fire Giant now rotates 2 new abilities.
  • Lava Flow (NOTE: Name is not final)
  • The Fire Giant unleashes a powerful line attack that has a long buildup and does heavy damage to enemies, while also knocking them up.
  • Known Issue: This attack is intended to slow enemies within its radius while building up. It currently does not.
  • Magma Pool
  • The Fire Giant summons a lava pool for each enemy within his range. The lava pools deal damage over time.

Lane Mechanics

Changing the lane dynamics and lowering the gold lost from towers creates new options for players to explore during the laning phase in both defensive and offensive states. The change to the range of minion assists is intended to give lane combinations more options for zoning out players from minion gold and xp.

  • Players who move out of assist reward range of a minion or camp kill no longer receive assist rewards, even if they dealt damage to the minion or camp before it died. This does not affect assists on God kills.
  • Players still always receive full reward for last-hits.
  • Assist reward range reduced from 80 to 60.
  • Towers no longer remove all gold from a minion for dealing damage to it, but now reduce the reward by 50%.
  • Known issue: Currently no reduction is happening, and players always get 100% of the reward.

Other Known Issues

  • Attack Speed camp map guide still says Mana Camp.
  • Fire Giant name is incorrect.
  • Leash areas do not show up if world detail is medium or lower.
  • Minions will walk through the phoenix.
  • There are a number of collision issues that are being worked on, however feel free to report on them.
  • XP Fury camps have Big Fury not in center.