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Smite Pro League
Tournament Information
Organizer Hi-Rez Studios
Sponsor Hi-Rez Studios
Format http://esports.smitegame.com/rules/
Start Date March 7, 2015
End Date September 19, 2015
Website http://esports.smitegame.com/pro-league/na/

The Season 2 Smite Pro League 2015 is an official Hi-Rez sanctioned Smite tournament. This league has both a North American and European roster.


According to the official ruleset, the tournament will run for 5 weeks, starting Thursday, March 5th. Games are played 3 days a week for both regions, on each Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The following are the created game conditions for this tournament:

Variable Ruleset
Pick Method Draft w/ 6 bans
Party Size 5v5
Spectators/Record Demo Allowed
Spawn Lane Minions Enabled
Starting Level 1
Starting Gold 1500
Region NA/EU

The tournament is a round robin of 6 teams, and the teams play in a Best of 3 series. The top 2 team with the best Win/Loss record will compete at the Spring Split LAN and qualify for the Summer Split. The 3rd and 4th Win/Loss teams will also qualify for the Summer Split. The 5th and 6th place teams will have to compete for Summer Split eligibility.

North American League

COG Sprite.png TSM logo white.png Enemy eSports logo.png
Cognitive Gaming Team SoloMid Enemy eSports
Denial-thumb.png C9 logo.png AFK Gaming.png
Denial eSports Cloud9 G2A AFK Gaming

European League

Ldn-con logo.png Dignitas logo.png Fnatic Logo.png
London Conspiracy Team Dignitas Fnatic
TRIG Esports.png Team titan.png Upcoming Stars logo.png
TRIG Esports Titan Upcoming Stars