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SMITE Beta Version 0.1.1557.2

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Skins[edit | edit source]

Ymir: Golden

General[edit | edit source]

  • Several issues were fixed with the AI on Jungle Creeps.

Items[edit | edit source]

BumbasMask 128.png Bumba's Mask[edit | edit source]

  • Last hitting is no longer required to gain benefits from the jungle camps.
  • When a jungle camp monster dies, the gold/XP reward is 25%. If you last hit the jungle camp boss (larger of the three), the gold/XP reward is only 10% (so there is an incentive to **NOT** last hit the camp boss and to leave buffs for your teammates).
  • This item is designed to encourage only one player on your team to use BumbasMask 128.png Bumba's Mask. If there are multiple mask owners from the same team near a camp, the rewards are split between the mask owners in a way that substantially reduces the benefit.

Gods[edit | edit source]

T Athena Default Icon.png Athena[edit | edit source]

Icons Athena A01.png Preemptive Strike
  • The magical lifesteal handling for this ability has been reduced from 100% to 33%.
  • Fixed an issue in which players could get into a state where they were invisible to themselves only.
Icons Athena A03.png Shield Wall
  • The magical lifesteal handling for this ability has been increased from 0% to 33%.
Icons Athena A04.png Defender of Olympus
  • Fixed an issue where players could get into a state where they could move while this ability was active.
  • The magical lifesteal handling for this ability has been increased from 0% to 33%.

T NeZha Default Icon Old.png Ne Zha[edit | edit source]

  • An issue has been fixed with Ne Zha’s escalating melee that was allowing him to achieve higher than intended attack speeds. This will reduce his mid to late game attack speed significantly. We will be monitoring him to see if further adjustments will be necessary to compensate for this change.
  • NOTE - Thanks to Pinjinz from the forums for breaking down the issue, allowing us to easily track down the bug.
Icons NeZha A04.png Wind Fire Wheels
  • The base damage of each hit of the combo during his ultimate has been increased from 30/50/70/80/110 per hit to 40/60/80/100/120.

T Ra Default Icon.png Ra[edit | edit source]

Icons Ra Passive.png Speed of Light (Passive)
  • The movement speed increase from each ability use has been increased from 5% to 8%.

T Zeus Default Icon Old.png Zeus[edit | edit source]

Icons Zeus AegisShield Old2.png Aegis Shield
  • The movement speed buff has been increased from 15% to 25%.