Refer-a-Friend System

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The Refer-a-Friend System in SMITE allows players to Refer friends to Smite and gain special rewards.

General information[edit | edit source]

Friend Referral[edit | edit source]

Refer friends and gain special rewards once they are account level 15 or higher, and how much you play together! You can send invitation link to create a Smite account using the referral button to start collecting rewards. If a friend has already created an account within the last 10 days, they can enter your name in as a referring Player so you both can reap the rewards.

Once you've referred 1 or more friends, they will receive the milestone rewards that are listed below.

Milestone rewards[edit | edit source]

SocialPage IB7.png 1 Friend: 1000 Favor.png

SocialPage IB6.png 2 Friends: 2000 Favor.png

SocialPage IB5.png 3 Friends: 3500 Favor.png Sock Puppetyr Tyr

SocialPage IB4.png 4 Friends: 4000 Favor.png

SocialPage IB3.png 5 Friends: 200 Gems.png

SocialPage IB2.png 10 Friends: 400 Gems.png

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • You can also earn additional rewards as your friend's level as you play together.
  • Play 10 hours with a Friend you have referred will grant the spread the love achievement and the Ultimate reward: Limited Agni skin!Triumph and Agni Agni

Referral Rewards[edit | edit source]

Being referred by a friend allows you both to earn special rewards as you gain levels and play together. Make sure to add the friend that referred quickly, so you both can start progressing towards the next milestone!

Level Bonus[edit | edit source]

  • Level 10: 1500 Favor.png
  • Level 15: 3000 Favor.png
  • Level 20: 4500 Favor.png
  • Level 25: 6000 Favor.png
  • Level 30: 7500 Favor.png

Time played with bonus[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Hour: Booster Icon On.png 1 day ‎
  • 5 Hours: 1000 Favor.png
  • 10 Hours: Booster Icon On.png 15 day ‎
  • 15 Hours: 200 Gems.png
  • 20 Hours 200 Gems.png