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Panthera [Panth]
Team Information
Location: Europe
Team Captain: IRaffer
Twitter: Panthera

History[edit | edit source]

Panthera is not an organisation but rather a clan serving simply as a place holder for the former Epsilon eSports.

The team had huge successes during the spring split SPL tournament and took 1st place during the Dreamhack 2016 tournament. They signed for NRGgg Esports 2nd September 2016. Under the NRG banner they went on to go to Smite Super Regionals 2016.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

2016[edit | edit source]

·Re-formed after the Smite World Championship for the SPL spring split.

·Won the Dreamhack 2016 LAN tournament

·Signed a contract with NRGgg

Player Roster[edit | edit source]

"Active"[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role
EU.jpg Adapting "Kennet Ros" Jungle
EU.jpg Yammyn "Emil Stärnman" Mid
EU.jpg IRaffer "Craig Rathbone" Guardian; Captain
EU.jpg NinjaDimi "Peter Dimitrov" Solo
EU.jpg Emilitoo "André Brännvall" Hunter
EU.jpg Sanjo "Unknown" Sub

Tournament Results[edit | edit source]

Date Event Placing Winnings
01-10-16 Smite World Championship 2016 (as Epsilon eSports) Goldmedal.png 1st $500 000
06-21-16 Dreamhack 2016 Goldmedal.png 1st $250 000