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paiN Gaming [PG]
Team Information
Location: BR.png Brazil

History[edit | edit source]

paiN Gaming was considered the underdog heading into the Brazil Regional Championship but knocked out last year’s SWC Brazil Representative in INTZ (We Love Bacon) in 4 games. After showing obvious LAN jitters for the first game, paiN Gaming was able to collect themselves and play to their strengths to become the champions of Brazil. The team has consistently improved all year first going from 3rd place in the Brazil Gaming League, to 2nd place in the Arens X5 2, where they finally finished 1st in the Brazil Regional Championship.

Player Roster[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role
BR.png Madrugadão Aírton Lima Jungle
BR.png Arkanjo Lucas Silva Hunter
BR.png Nagare Bruno Araujo Guardian
BR.png Stalk3r Lucca Matthaus Solo
BR.png SchultZen William Schultz Mid