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NuBreed Logo ESL.png
Team Information
Location: Europe
Smite Profile: nuBreed
Facebook: nuBreed Clan

Players[edit | edit source]

  • ImDazer (Side Lane Support)
  • iZeeV (Side Lane Carry)
  • iZippyNator (Mid Lane Carry)
  • PartyUp (Side Lane Support)
  • Thundiz(Side Lane Carry)


  • Sanji2k3
  • Lehem
  • z00r

Team History[edit | edit source]

Well Zeev and Zippy started looking for players, to create a new team. Tried out Thundiz, former mid for Karn Gaming Network, and match after match, new people started showing up. At some point the roster of the 1st team that we made was Zeev and Zippy left, Thundiz mid, PartyUp and Lehem right (Team Ascending). Sometime after, Karn Gaming Network and Ascending mixed up and we created the team Burst In EU, still with a pretty similar roster. After this, some players from KGN just dropped out and our roster changed a little bit. Zippy, as the best 1v1 player on the team, got the mid lane, Dazer joined and started to play as a support for Zeev and Thundiz was moved to Sidelane Carry, together with Partyup

Tournament History[edit | edit source]

  • 2nd Place: BLG Casually Competitive Tournament #7
  • Quarterfinals: BLG Casually Competitive Tournament #8
  • 3rd/4th Place: BLG Casually Competitive Tournament #9
  • 2nd Place: BLG Casually Competitive Tournament #10
  • 1st Place: BLG Casually Competitive Tournament #11

Looking to scrim[edit | edit source]

Add iZeev or Thundiz in game for scrim.