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SkinArt Mulan Default.jpg
Title: The Ascendant Warrior
Pantheon: NewUI Pantheon Chinese.png Chinese
Type: Melee,Physical
Class: NewUI Class Warrior.png Warrior
Pros: High Area Damage
Difficulty: Average
Release date: February 25, 2020
Favor: 5,500 Favor.png
Gems: 200 Gems.png
Voicelines: Mulan voicelines
Voice actor: Molly Zhang
Health: 480 (+82)
Mana: 220 (+38)
Speed: 375 (+0)
Range: 12 (+0)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+1%)
Basic Attack
Damage: 39 (+ 2.2)
+ 100% of Physical Power
Progression: 1/1/1.25x damage and swing time, hitting in an AoE on the final blow
Physical: 18 (+3)
Magical: 30 (+0.9)
HP5: 9 (+0.7)
MP5: 4.7 (+0.4)
*Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level

"Train your skill in each of your weapons and gain mastery throughout the battle!"

Mulan is one of the playable Gods in SMITE.

Lore[edit | edit source]

There are many stories about the girl who became a hero. Most are embellished, the events polished to a legendary sheen. They say that Hua Mulan was blessed, that her bow and blade were gifts of the gods. That she was wise beyond measure, and stronger than a hundred warriors, for her heart was pure. That she became the sworn sister of the king's daughter. That she returned home and married a prince, or perhaps a farmer. That she died.

But every story, no matter how outlandish, has a grain of truth to it. And this is the truth of Hua Mulan. China was invaded and a man from every family was called to serve in the army. But her father was old and her brother a child, and so for love's sake, she set aside her loom and went to war in their place. She disguised herself as a young man, and no one was the wiser, for her father had trained her in the ways of the bow and the blade, making her the equal of any man in the army.

For twelve years, she maintained the pretence. She fought well against the enemies of China, attaining rank and the loyalty of her fellow soldiers. She led men into battle more than once, setting herself where the fighting was thickest so that those who followed her might see her and take heart. At the end of that twelve years, she was offered a high rank, but turned it down. Instead, having grown tired of war, she asked only that she might return home to her family. And so she did, her duty complete.

But some stories do not end when the hero returns home. For some stories, that is only the beginning. For now, a new danger stirs, and Hua Mulan must once more take up her weapons in defense of her homeland...

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Passive - Training Arc
Mulan utilizes a Sword, Spear and Bow with her abilities and can gain Skill towards them by damaging enemy gods. Her expertise in each weapon provides different bonuses. Mulan also gains a buff every 10 seconds that reduces the cooldown of the next non-ultimate ability used by 2 seconds. Notes:
 Bullet.png Sword Skill: 600, 2400, 6000 damage done  Bullet.png Spear Skill: 600, 2400, 6000 damage done
 Bullet.png Bow Skill: 200, 500, 1200 damage done  Bullet.png Skill gain for Minions: 20%
 Bullet.png Ability Type: Buff

Ability Video

1st Ability - Cross Strike
Mulan swings her sword with precision, striking twice and dealing damage to all enemies hit.

Skilled - Mulan gains an Attack Speed increase after using this ability.
Adept - Mulan strikes a third time in a large cone in front of her.
Mastered - Mulan gains 10% Attack Speed.

 Bullet.png Damage per Hit: 75/95/115/135/155 (+30% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Attack Speed: 25%
 Bullet.png Duration: 4s  Bullet.png Ability Type: Area
 Bullet.png Radius: 25  Bullet.png Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana
 Bullet.png Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds

Ability Video

2nd Ability - Spear Thrust
Mulan brings forth her spear striking in front of her, dealing damage and slowing all enemies hit.

Skilled - Mulan heals for up to 3 enemies hit.
Adept - Mulan strikes a second time further in front of her, dealing bonus damage if she hits the same enemy.
Mastered - Mulan gains 5% Power.

 Bullet.png Damage per Hit: 120/155/190/225/260 (+35% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Slow: 20%
 Bullet.png Duration: 2s  Bullet.png Heal: 15/30/45/60/75 (+10% of your Physical Power)
 Bullet.png Bonus Damage: 20/35/50/65/80 (+15% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Ability Type: Line
 Bullet.png Range: 25  Bullet.png Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana
 Bullet.png Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Video

3rd Ability - Grapple
Mulan readies herself and fires an arrow with a rope attached to it. If she hits an enemy god she stuns them, dealing damage and pulling them towards her while dashing and hitting them again for extra damage.

Skilled - Mulan gains a Protection buff after hitting an enemy god.
Adept - Mulan is able to dash to walls.
Mastered - Mulan gains 5% Movement Speed.

 Bullet.png Arrow Damage: 90/135/180/225/270 (+50% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Stun Duration: 0.8s
 Bullet.png Bonus Damage: 40/50/60/70/80 (+20% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Protection Increase: 20/25/30/35/40
 Bullet.png Duration: 4s  Bullet.png Ability Type: Projectile, Dash
 Bullet.png Range: 60  Bullet.png Cost: 60 mana
 Bullet.png Cooldown: 16 seconds

Ability Video

Ultimate - Divine Mastery
Mulan brings forth her entire arsenal dashing forwards with sword slashes, dealing damage and rooting enemies for 1s.
If she hits an enemy god during the dash, Mulan uses her new divine energy to knock up enemies with her spear before firing a large projectile attack with her bow.
Dealing damage with any part of this ability gains Skill towards the weapon used. Mulan also gains Protections for the duration.
 Bullet.png Sword Damage: 80/140/200/260/320 (+60% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Spear Damage: 100/140/180/220/260 (+40% of your Physical Power)
 Bullet.png Arrow Damage: 150/200/250/300/350 (+60% of your Physical Power)  Bullet.png Protection Increase: 30%
 Bullet.png Ability Type: Dash, Line, Projectile  Bullet.png Range: 65, 65, 85
 Bullet.png Cost: 100 mana  Bullet.png Cooldown: 100 seconds

Ability Video

Videos[edit | edit source]

Lore Reveal[edit | edit source]

God Reveal[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Combat Mulan TwoforOne.png
Two for One
As Mulan, hit 2 enemies with all three strikes of Divine Mastery in a single ability use
Achievement Combat Mulan WeaponMastery.png
Weapon Mastery
As Mulan, win a match with all weapons fully mastered

Trivia[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Mulan was the first god released in 2020.

God Skins[edit | edit source]

  • T Mulan Aesir Icon.pngAesir

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin card Release Date February 25, 2020
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines Mulan voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

Rising Hero
Rising Hero Skin card Release Date February 25, 2020
Type Standard
Cost 100 Gems.png or 9500 Favor.png
Voicelines Mulan voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

Aesir Skin card Release Date April 21, 2020
Type Standard
Cost 750 Gems.png
Voicelines Aesir Mulan voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information
 Bullet.png This skin comes with custom animations and voicelines.
 Bullet.png This skin can only be obtained as a rare roll from certain Treasure Chests.
 Bullet.png This skin was part of the Grim Omens event.

Ascended Skin card Release Date February 25, 2020
Type Limited
Cost None
Voicelines Mulan voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information
 Bullet.png This skin is part of the Season Pass 2020.

Golden Skin card Release Date February 25, 2020
Type Standard
Cost 200 Gems.png or 9500 Favor.png
Requirements God Rank 1
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Legendary Skin card Release Date February 25, 2020
Type Standard
Cost 300 Gems.png or 12500 Favor.png
Requirements God Rank 5
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Diamond Skin card Release Date February 25, 2020
Type Standard
Cost 400 Gems.png or 15000 Favor.png
Requirements God Rank 10
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Changelog[edit | edit source]

SMITE Version 7.7.6121.3 (July 14, 2020)

  • Icons Mulan Passive.png Training Arc
  • Increased bow training speed from 300, 700, 1500 damage done to 200, 500, 1200 damage done (200, 700, 1900).
  • Icons Mulan A03.pngIcons Mulan A03D.png Grapple
  • Increased Protections from 15/20/25/30/35 to 20/25/30/35/40.
  • Icons Mulan A04.png Divine Mastery
  • Increased Arrow Scaling from 50% to 60%.

SMITE Version 7.5.6039 (May 19, 2020)

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Mulan could get stuck in a state where she continually basic attacks with no player inputs, commonly occurring after using her Ultimate ability.
  • Icons Mulan A01.pngIcons Mulan A01D.png Cross Strike
  • Mastery Bonus Increased from 5% to 10% Attack Speed.

SMITE Version 7.4.5984.3 (April 21, 2020)

  • Icons Mulan A02.pngIcons Mulan A02D.png Spear Thrust
  • Increased speed of the rollout hit area of this ability.
  • Icons Mulan A04.png Divine Mastery
  • While firing this ability, Mulan's protections are increased by 30%.

SMITE Version 7.3.5945 (March 24, 2020)

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Mulan's sword could disappear when using emotes in a certain order.

SMITE Version 7.2.5895.5 (February 25, 2020)

  • Mulan has been added to the game.

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