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Movement abilities refer to a type of abilities in SMITE that allows the user to move around the battlefield beyond simply increasing movement speed. These abilities are divided into three distinct categories: "Dashes", "Leaps", and "Teleports", depending on their speed and ability to be intercepted. When a god is crippled, they are unable to use any of these abilities. Some of these abilities increase their user's Movement Speed; those that do so have a maximum speed of 754.

List of Movement abilities[edit | edit source]

Below is a list with every type of movement ability, along with some relevant information.

Dashes[edit | edit source]

This type of movement ability propels the god along the battlefield at high speed. They are intercepted by obstacles: structures, walls, the Fire Giant, and Apophis. The following applies to all dashes, unless otherwise stated: dashes move the god directly forward, in a straight line; and if an obstacle is encountered, the god will slide along it, preserving the original direction.

Leaps[edit | edit source]

This type of movement ability sends the god into the air, usually causing them to land at their ground target location. While leaping, a god cannot be targeted, but will continue to be affected by debuffs and damage-over-time effects. Unless otherwise stated, these abilities have a fixed travel time and allow the god to pass over walls.

Teleports[edit | edit source]

This type of movement ability instantly transports a god from one location to another, passing through obstacles.

Pseudo-Movement abilities[edit | edit source]

Several abilities exist in Smite that act similarly to other movement abilities, but are not classified as such. Unless otherwise stated, it is unknown if these abilities are usable when crippled.

  • Dash-like: Most of these abilities push the user forward at an unknown, fixed speed with a decreased turn-radius.
  • Leap-like: Most of these abilities send their user into the air, causing them to become untargetable. Unless otherwise stated, the user can then select a landing point. They are sometimes reffered to as flying abilities.
  • Teleport-like: Most of these abilities provide a way to teleport from one point to another, but require an special interaction to use.

Movement ability items[edit | edit source]

There are some items that can allow the use of certain movement abilities.

  • This item will instantly teleport the user to the target area. It require the user to not have dealt or taken damage before it can be used.
  • This item will teleport the user to any allied tower anywhere on the map after a short delay. During this channel, they are Rooted and if they are hit by a hard crowd control it will be interrupted. When upgraded, it can also teleport the user to any allied ward.