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Active items, also known as Actives, were a type of item in SMITE. As their name implies, Active items only took effect when activated, and once used they would go onto a cooldown before they could be used again. Each god could only have two unique active items at a time, and they had to come from different item trees. These items could not be removed from a player's inventory after acquiring them and leaving the fountain or after using them.

The actives items system was replaced with the Relics system in SMITE Version 3.1.3217, the patch released on February 2, 2016.

List of Active items[edit | edit source]

Tier I[edit | edit source]

GirdleofMight T1.pngGirdle of Might (200) AegisAmulet T1.pngAegis Amulet (Active) (300) Blink 01.pngBlink (Active) (300) EnemyMovementDebuff 01.pngCreeping Curse (300)
Aoeminiondamage.pngHand of the Gods (Active) (300) Meditation T1.pngMeditation (Active) (300) PurificationBeads T1.pngPurification Beads (Active) (300) Shell 01.pngShell (Active) (300)
SpeedBuff 01 Rank1.pngSprint (Active) (300) Teleport T1.pngTeleport (Active) (300) ShieldoftheUnderworld T1.pngShield of the Underworld (600)

Tier II[edit | edit source]

GirdleofPower T2.pngGirdle of Power (400) Heartseeker T3.pngAchilles' Spear (600) EnemyMovementDebuff 01.pngCreepier Curse (600) ImprovedAegis T2.pngImproved Aegis (600)
Blink 01.pngImproved Blink (600) ImprovedMeditation T2.pngImproved Meditation (600) ImprovedPurification T2.pngImproved Purification (600) Shell 01.pngImproved Shell (600)
ImprovedSprint T2.pngImproved Sprint (600) ShieldedRecall Teleport 01.pngImproved Teleport (600) Aoeminiondamage.pngRage of the Gods (600)

Tier III[edit | edit source]

GirdleofMight Self.pngGirdle of Inner Power (600) GirdleofMight 03.pngGirdle of Support (600) Aegis T3.pngAegis Pendant (900) Blink Combat 01.pngCombat Blink (900)
Creeping Curse Rank3.pngEnfeebling Curse (900) HandoftheGods Fist 01.pngFist of the Gods (900) GreaterAegis T3.pngGreater Aegis (900) Blink 03.pngGreater Blink (900)
GreaterMeditation T3.pngGreater Meditation (900) GreaterPurification T3.pngGreater Purification (900) GreaterSprint T3.pngGreater Sprint (900) FriendlyMovementBuff 01.pngHeavenly Agility (900)
Salvation T3.pngSalvation (900) ShellofAbsorption 01.pngShell of Absorption (900) Shielded Recall 01.pngShielded Teleport (900) Creeping Curse Rank3 b.pngWeakening Curse (900)
Aoeminiondamage.pngWrath of the Gods (900) Teleport to Gods.pngTeleport to Gods (1100)