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JusTus [JusTus]
Team Information
Location: Europe
Team Captain: Qiwen

JusTus is a North American eSports organization and a former SMITE team.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After a rough Spring Split with zero wins to their name, Upcoming Stars switched up their roster in the final weeks of the season. Given new life, they were able to stave off the relegation competition and defend their SPL spot. In mid August, Upcoming Stars was acquired by JusTus.

History[edit | edit source]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • February 14th, team disbanded.

  • March 27th, Faelas departs Upcoming Stars. Cherryo takes up the Jungle position, Qiwen becomes starting Support.
  • April 25th, Argonaut joins as a sub.
  • July 1st, Sanjo takes up the Jungle position, Cherryo becomes starting Hunter.
  • August 14th, Upcoming Stars acquired by JusTus.

  • December 20th, Upcoming Stars introduce their starting roster.

Player Roster[edit | edit source]

Former[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role
Xephyr Bob Walet Jungle
Sozage Muzaffer Senturk Solo
Fexez Fredrik Vist Mid
Qiwen Jørgen Hansen Guardian; Captain
VoteNBK Liam Shanks Hunter

Organization[edit | edit source]

Former[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role
EU.jpg Faeles "Unknown" Jungle
EU.jpg FrostieBM "Unknown" Mid
EU.jpg Irens "Unknown" Hunter
EU.jpg Cherryo "Unknown" Sub

Tournament Results[edit | edit source]

Date Event Placing Winnings
06-28-2015 SMITE Pro League EU Summer Season 8th $10,000