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Basic Info
Name Jeremy Branham
Country USA
Team Enemy eSports
Role Mid
Twitch croninlol
Twitter Jerbcraft

Jeremy "Jerbie" Branham is Enemy eSports's Mid.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jerbie has been in and out of the competitive SMITE scene for quite some time, playing for many top teams such as Team Dignitas and Snipe. He found himself back in the SPL in the last week of the Spring Split, replacing the former Mid Laner. Enemy was able to defend their spot in relegations, and Jerbie looks captain his team to a better position in the Summer Split.

SMITE Tournament Series Statistics[edit | edit source]

Team History[edit | edit source]

Team Date Role Reason for Leaving
Enemy eSports logo.png Enemy eSports April 2015 Mid Current

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