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Zeus Guide
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Guide's Title: Mid Lane Guide
Author: SonOfZeus77
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Publish Date: September 17, 2012
Last Revision: 03/12/2018
God's Page: Zeus

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About[edit | edit source]

This is basically a guide for building a Zeus as a good mid lane pusher. You can alter minor details in it if you wish to experiment with Zeus.

Ability Explanation[edit | edit source]

Zeus's passive ability is called Overcharge. It causes all in-hand lightning bolt attacks against enemies to apply a charge, with a max of three per enemy. This is useful for your third ability.

Zeus's first ability, Chain Lightning, is especially useful when it is levelled to 3 and beyond. It arcs between enemies, 1 enemy per level, and doing a moderate to high amount of damage to each. Each time it strikes an enemy, it applies a charge to that enemy, which allows the usage of Zeus' third ability immediately afterwards, making it easy to use combos with this ability. Late game, it does very high damage to each enemy hit, which is further compounded by Zeus's third ability to inflict even further amounts of damage. It is effective with Gem of Isolation.

Zeus's second ability, Aegis Shield, is Zeus's utility. It gives him a fair (high when maxed) physical and magical protection, increases his speed and renders him immune to all slows. When hit by enemies' basic attacks while the shield is active, Zeus reflects 10% of the damage to the enemy as magical damage and applies a charge. This ability is especially useful when you are being attacked or trying to run away. When affected by a slow, or knowing that one will come soon, or knowing that you will take large amounts of burst damage, this is an effective ability to use.

Zeus's third ability, Detonate Charge, consumes charges' on all enemies and inflict damage to each enemy proportional to the number of charges on that enemy (x1 for 1 charge, x2.5 for 2 charges, and x4 for 3 charges). This is Zeus's main source of damage in early game, and an important source of damage overall in any part of the game. It can be used immediately after Chain Lightning or Zeus's ultimate to deal high amounts of additional damage.

Zeus's ultimate ability is called Lightning Storm. Zeus summons a lightning storm in the area, striking all enemies in the area for a high amount of damage per second for five seconds, and a charge is applied to each enemy every time they are struck. This makes it very useful when Detonate Charge is used immediately afterwards. It is also useful in conjunction with Odin's ultimate; Odin traps them in an area, and Zeus inflicts damage to the trapped enemies in that area. Superior effects for better combos can be achieved with Gem of Isolation.

Overall, Zeus's abilities focus on dealing damage. Zeus can inflict a gargantuan amount of damage with his abilities, and when built correctly, can deal potentially the most damage out of all mages. However, Zeus lacks utility; his one utility ability affects himself only, and does not affect allies too much, or have good utility effects on enemies either. As such, it is best to lane with somebody with high utility.

In the case that the abilities' full details are required, they will be posted below:

Icons Zeus Passive.png Overcharge (Passive)[edit | edit source]

In hand lightning bolt attacks against enemies will apply a charge (max of 3).

Icons Zeus ChainLightning.png Chain Lightning (Skill Key 1)[edit | edit source]

Zeus fires a bolt of lightning that arcs between enemies, arcing 1/2/3/4/5 times, doing 70/100/130/160/190 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage and applying a charge.

Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana.

Cooldown: 10 s.

Icons Zeus AegisShield.png Aegis Shield (Skill Key 2)[edit | edit source]

Zeus harnesses his lightning defensively, granting himself 25/40/55/70/85 magical and physical protection, increasing his speed by 20% and making him immune to all slows. Basic attacks from enemy players against Zeus while the shield is active reflect 10% of the damage done as magical damage and apply a charge.

Cost: 75 mana.

Cooldown: 15 s.

Icons Zeus DetonateCharge.png Detonate Charge (Skill Key 3)[edit | edit source]

Zeus detonates any charges that have accumulated on enemies, doing 60/80/100/120/140 (+25% of your magical power) magical damage, multiplied by 1/2.5/4 depending on the number of charges. Does nothing if there are no charges on enemies.

Cost: 90 mana.

Cooldown: 10 s.

Icons Zeus LightningStorm.png Lightning Storm (Skill Key 4 - Ultimate)[edit | edit source]

Zeus Conjures a lightning storm in the area, with lightning striking enemies in the area for 100/120/140/160/180 (+70% of your magical power) every 1 s for 5 seconds. Applies a charge.

Cost: 100 mana.

Leveling Abilities[edit | edit source]

SmiteLogo.png Levels
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Icons Zeus Passive.png
Icons Zeus ChainLightning.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png
38px Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png
Icons Zeus DetonateCharge.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png
Icons Zeus LightningStorm.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup off.png Lvlup on.png

Item Build[edit | edit source]

Healing Potion x2 Circlet of Focus
HealingPotion 01 Rank1.png FocusEnergy 01.png
Price: 50 Price: 1400

Main Items[edit | edit source]

Boots of the Magi Hide of the Nemean Lion Gem of Isolation Polynomicon
BootsPower 01 Rank1.png Armor 03 Rank1.png Staff 01 Rank1.png Staff 02 Rank1.png
Price 1925 Price 1950 Price 2800 Price 2300

Possible Other Items (Possible End Game Items)[edit | edit source]

Rod of Tahuti Book of Thoth Void Stone Pythagorem's Piece
Wand 01 Rank1.png Wand 02 Rank1.png MagicVoid 01.png Magic 01 Rank1.png
Price 3320 Price 2700 Price 2280 Price 2650

Ability Items[edit | edit source]

Purification Beads Aegis Amulet Girdle of Might
Cleanse 01.png StatisField 01.png DamageBuff 01.png
Price: 500 Price: 500 Price: 500

Game Play[edit | edit source]

Early Game[edit | edit source]

The first ability that you should get, Detonate Charge, should be obtained first because it is the highest source of damage at that point, and your basic attacks apply charges already. This makes it easy to pull off. Putting many charges on multiple foes can result in inflicting a large amount of damage to all of them.

Your main item in this period is Circlet of Focus. It is very useful because not only does it give you magical power and life steal, but it also causes your basic attacks to have a 20% chance of making your next ability (in the next five seconds) cost no mana. This is incredibly useful for Zeus because he uses a lot of spells to inflict high damage and protect himself. You can also afford two health potions after getting Circlet, so you can use them when necessary. Thus, you can hold against the enemy(s) in the lane for an extended period of time and with superior efficiency.

You should also get Purification Beads when you can if you are playing against gods with good CC (Crowd Control). Their Crowd Control can be extremely frustrating and limit you severely, especially if you are playing against Anubis, whose Mummify is capable of utterly removing you from movement or action for some time, and Purification Beads will be your counter to any Crowd Control that may restrict you.

In this way, you should be able to do fine until levels 8-10, while your opponent(s) will most likely get harassed by your excessive use of abilities, increased magical power (which works well with your abilities) and magical life steal. Your Purification Beads will most likely annoy them as well.

Mid Game[edit | edit source]

Here is where the fighting really takes off. Due to it being intense at this point, alternate items should be obtained.

Boots of the Magi is very useful, granting you increased mana, magical power and speed, all of which are important. Zeus relies on mana and magical power, and speed is useful for fleeing or catching fleeing enemies, or otherwise to travel to other locations more quickly.

Hide of the Nemean Lion is useful as well, giving you bonus health and physical protection (some melee enemies can be annoying at times), as well as reflecting 25% of all basic attacks back to the attacker as physical damage if it is rank 3. This is very useful because Zeus is quite vulnerable to melee combat and physical damage, especially if the enemy comes close. The Hide of the Nemean Lion is very useful in scenarios like this, especially when your Aegis Shield is on cooldown.

Gem of Isolation is another extremely helpful item. Providing you with bonus health, mana and magical power is very good for someone like Zeus, but when it is rank 3, it will cause your abilities that hit enemies to slow them by a significant fraction for 2 seconds. This is useful when you use Chain Lightning, Detonate Charge or Lightning Storm.

Polynomicon is incredibly useful for a god like Zeus. Not only do you get a large amount of bonus mana, magical power and magical lifesteal (all of which is very good for Zeus), it also (at rank 3) causes your abilities to make your basic attacks within the next five seconds do bonus damage equivalent to 100% of your magical power.

At this point of the game, your Chain Lightning is now useful for doing large amounts of damage to multiple enemies and applying charges to all of them. This can be subsequently followed up by Detonate Charge, which will inflict further damage (especially if the enemies have more charges). Lightning Storm can also be followed up with Detonate Charge. All these abilities will have bonus effects from your items, allowing you many combos of varying devastation to choose from. You should fare very well at this point, especially if your ally has good utility.

Late Game[edit | edit source]

At this point, your opponent(s) will have maxed out their ultimate(s), or come close to doing so. They can inflict devastating amounts of damage, which you can avoid with your ability item Aegis Amulet, since your Aegis Shield will not be sufficient to avoid enormous barrages of damage like some gods' ultimates.

You should be able to inflict gargantuan amounts of damage at this point with your abilities, and get a lot of kills/assists.

You can experiment with a variety of other items, some of which are listed above. Those generally are very useful for Zeus as well, and can replace some other items if you feel they have superior effects. Around this time, you can kill enemies more easily; you can inflict increased damage while able to avoid large amounts of damage from the enemies, and avoiding any frustrating Crowd Control effects. You should be capable of achieving 10+ kills.

Here, you should be able to go on by yourself. You can experiment with a variety of items, looking out for items that work well against your enemies. By now, you should know their strengths and weaknesses very well, and get items to not only boost your own strengths, but those that are effective against your opponent(s). Items like Book of Thoth can be bought, as it provides the highest base magical power. Whatever you do now is dependent on your enemies and how much you know about them as well.

Synergies and Counters[edit | edit source]

Synergies[edit | edit source]

Ra Odin link-Ymir

Zeus can work well with almost any mage, but Ra is especially good with Zeus. Ra's ability to slow others (and blind them) is good for Zeus's ultimate and other abilities as well. Ra's ability to decrease enemies' magical protection is also incredibly useful for Zeus, because his attacks do magical damage, and when enemies have low magical protection, Zeus can literally overwhelm them with damage. Ra and Zeus also have multiple combos they can do together.

As stated above, Odin can work well with Zeus as well. The duo's combined ultimates are very effective together and can be used in tandem; with Odin's ultimate trapping enemies in an area, and Zeus's ultimate inflicting heavy damage to all those in the area. Odin is also a tanky god, allowing him to tank more attacks while Zeus can attack at a range.

Similar to Odin, Ymir can also freeze enemies and trap them to become easier targets. Ymir is also incredibly resilient, once again drawing enemy attention while Zeus bombards them at a range. Ymir himself can also deal heavy damage, especially with his ultimate.

Other gods which Zeus can work well with include deities which possess stuns.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Ra link-Ymir He Bo

Ra can be a deadly adversary. He can slow you significantly to allow his ultimate to do a large amount of damage, and he can also blind you or reduce your magical protection and allow him to do further damage. You can avoid his Crowd Control and damage with Aegis Amulet and Purification Beads.

Ymir can tank your attacks while releasing a bombardment of attacks with varying levels of power. He can slow and freeze you, rendering you immobile and incapable of action or movement, and he can inflict enormous amounts of damage. When he hits you with his abilities, his basic attacks will do 50% more damage. To avoid his damage and Crowd Control, Aegis Amulet and Purification Beads are the best ability items to use against him.

He Bo can be dangerous from a range. He can interrupt you with his Waterspout and his Flood Waters is a counter to your speed buffs, including Aegis Shield. His ultimate does plenty of damage and you can avoid that with your Aegis Amulet. You can also save yourself from his Flood Waters with Purification Beads.

Another deity that can give you trouble is Anubis. Anubis's Mummify can render you incapable of action for two seconds, but can be negated by Purification Beads.

Tips, Pointers or After Thoughts[edit | edit source]

Overall, Zeus is a powerful Ranged Mage that can inflict high damage (and can be considered amongst the highest of any mage). However, he lacks utility that affects enemies or allies. Thus, it is best to partner with somebody with very high utility, causing your enemies to have a trouble of both high utility and high damage.

Zeus's combos to inflict damage are simple; usage of Chain Lightning or Lightning Storm to inflict heavy damage and subsequently apply charges should be used directly before Detonate Charge, which will then detonate the charges on those enemies to inflict further heavy damage. When you need to run, or when you will get slowed or be attacked with some powerful, damaging abilities, that is the time to use Aegis Shield. It can also be used when assaulting a Tower, Phoenix or Minotaur.

I hope this guide has helped you in some way(s) and have fun in-game!