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Gold is the currency used inside of matches to purchase and upgrade Items. Every players starts with a certain amount of gold and they earn extra gold periodically, called gold spooling. This amount changes depending on which game mode they are playing in.

Additional gold can be obtained in several ways:

  • Dealing the killing blow ("Lasthitting") to enemy minions
  • If a player does not kill it, they still earn some gold as long as they are near the minion when it dies.
  • Players only gain 25% of the gold if the minion was hit by a friendly structure, even if they deal the killing blow.
  • Killing enemy Gods (The amount is determined by several factors listed below)
  • Kill assists
  • Destroying objectives (Towers, Phoenixes, etc.)
  • Killing jungle camps

God Kill & Streaks[edit | edit source]

When a player kills an enemy god they are awarded with:

Base Amount = (150 + (Gold Earned by Victim / 100))
Level Adjustment = ((enemy level - player level) * .1)
This is capped at +/- .6.
Total = (Base Amount + (Base Amount * Level Difference Adjustment)) * 1.1 ^ Opponents Kill Streak

Achieving First Blood (the first non-neutral god kill in the match) provides an additional 200 gold.

Depending on how high the victim's killstreak (the amount of kills in a row they have accumulated without dying) was, the kill will reward more gold and it will end their killing spree.