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Basic Info
Name Arkadiusz Krupka
Country Poland
Team Team Dignitas
Role Jungle
Twitch smitegame
Twitter DIG_FrostiaK

Arkadiusz "FrostiaK" Krupka is Team Dignitas's Jungle.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jungle Ymir is often the first thing that comes to everyones mind when they hear this name. Frostiak dominated in the SPL and Team SoloMid invitational back in 2014 in the jungle role and he’s back for more this year. After splitting from his team at the end of last year, Frostiak pairs up with a new group of players to prove himself worthy for a spot in the next SMITE World Championship.

SMITE Tournament Series Statistics[edit | edit source]

Team History[edit | edit source]

Team Date Role Reason for Leaving
Ldn-con logo.png Team Dignitas April 2015 Jungle Current

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