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Favor.png Favor is a type of currency in SMITE. Favor can be used to unlock or rent gods and unlock certain Cosmetic Items.

How to earn Favor[edit | edit source]

Favor can be earned in several ways:

  • Completing the Basic Tutorial (100 Favor.png)
  • Winning a practice match with a different god (50 Favor.png)
  • Collecting level-up bonuses (1000 - 3000 Favor.png)
  • Refer-A-Friend level-up bonus (1500 - 7500 Favor.png)
  • Completing a match-made game (Favor is awarded based on the match's duration. Additionally, winning the match will grant a Favor bonus)
  • Having Goodwill (can increase Favor earned after each match up to 15%)
  • Earning the "First Win of the Day" bonus (100 Favor.png each first win in each game mode)
  • Collecting the daily reward bonus (which accumulates daily; 75 Favor.png, 125 Favor.png, 250 Favor.png, 350 Favor.png, 450 Favor.png)
  • Completing a weekly quest (300 Favor.png)
  • Earning the Completion Bonus after completing two weekly quests (500 Favor.png)