Fantasy Points

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FantasyPoints.png Fantasy Points were a type of currency in SMITE (Removed on the start of Season 6). Fantasy Points can be used to unlock certain Cosmetic Items from the Season Ticket store. Additionally, accumulating certain amounts of Fantasy Points will unlock special rewards from the season ticket.

Purchasing the latest split pass from the season ticket will increase the amount of fantasy points earned and allows players to participate in special quest, and to vote for which teams they believe will win in a tournament match for bonus points.

How to earn Fantasy Points[edit | edit source]

Fantasy Points can be earned in several ways:

  • As a reward from the Season Ticket
  • Picking the winning team in tournament matches
  • Completing a split quest (500 FantasyPoints.png)
  • Completing a match-made game (Fantasy Points are awarded based on the match's duration. Additionally, winning the match will grant a Fantasy Points bonus)
  • Having Goodwill (can increase Fantasy Points earned after each match up to 15%)
  • Participating in special events