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Exertus eSports (Inactive) [XTS]
Team Information
Location: North America
Team Captain: N/A
Sponsor(s): Twitch.tv End of Reality Server Hosting TGN eSport Clothing
Website: exertusesports.com
Facebook: Exertus eSports
Twitter: Exertus eSports

History[edit | edit source]

Exertus eSports, formerly known as VishusNDelishus, is a competitive SMITE team formed in July 2013 by "Heater" and "BaRRaCCuDDa". Exertus eSports has had many impressive showings in the Hi-Rez Weekly Tournaments, but has not played in any LAN events to date. Although the support role was previously unstable, Exertus eSports seems to have found a stable roster that has remained consistent for the past month. COGnitive Gaming acquired the roster of XTS in December 2013, and a new roster has not been acquired since.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

2013[edit | edit source]

Player Roster[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role

Former[edit | edit source]

IGN Name Role Current Team
Durspell Name Unknown Support Cognitive_Gaming
Sasic Name Unknown Support Team Salt
Heater Adam Piascik Solo; Former Captain N/A
KSPOT Name Unknown Sub N/A
Wolfy Justin Colon Solo Thurst
BaRRaCCuDDa John Salter ADC Cloud9
andinster Andrew Woodward Jungler; Captain Cloud9
Eonic Sinjin Thorpe Support Team SoloMid
MLCSt3alth Brett Felley Mid Cloud9
Omega Ryan Johnson Solo Eager
uWonT AJ McLaughlin Sub COGnitive Gaming
DaretoCare Brendan Daniels Support, Sub Eager

Tournament Results[edit | edit source]

Date Event Placing Winnings
07-28-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Q-Finals N/A
08-03-13 Hi-Rez Weekly 4th N/A
08-10-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Bronzemedal.png 3rd $150
08-24-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Bronzemedal.png 3rd $150
08-31-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Goldmedal.png 1st $500
09-07-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Goldmedal.png 1st $500
09-14-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Silvermedal.png 2nd $350
09-21-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Q-Finals N/A
09-28-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Bronzemedal.png 3rd $150
10-05-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Goldmedal.png 1st $500
10-12-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Bronzemedal.png 3rd $150
10-19-13 Hi-Rez Weekly Bronzemedal.png 3rd $150