ESL Smite Xbox One League

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ESL Smite Xbox One League
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Tournament Information
Organizer Hi-Rez Studios
Sponsor Hi-Rez Studios
Start Date 06/7/2015

The ESL Smite Xbox One League is an official Hi-Rez sanctioned Smite tournament.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The ESL Smite Xbox One League is a tournament designed to launch the Alpha version of SMITE on Xbox One. The format is a 5 v 5 Arena and 5 v 5 Conquest Cup. The success of this tournament will decide whether the ESL Xbox app has more tournaments launched for the SMITE community.

ESL Xbox One App[edit | edit source]

Playing Xbox One cups on ESL is now even easier than before, since the ESL Xbox One app allows you to sign up and play those directly on your Xbox. The app is free-to-download in the Xbox Store and will connect your Xbox Live Gamertag with your ESL account automatically the first time you log in there. From there on, you can read the most important esports news and participate in various Xbox cups on ESL.

Format[edit | edit source]

This tournament has an EU and NA variant. On June 7th, a 5 v 5 Conquest of the Gods tournament will launched in NA and EU, with a 5 v5 Gladiator