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Denial eSports [Dnial]
Team Information
Location: North America
Manager(s): Robby "ringokid" Ringnalda
Sponsor(s): Whoop Tee
Ryders Eyewear
DoTA2: Denial eSports
League of Legends: Denial eSports.West
Facebook: Denial eSports


Denial eSports is an organization that has grown directly from SMITE, with members from their original roster making impacts across the game and eSports scene. This time around Denial returns to the fray, headed by their original Mid Laner, Macetodaface. They had a productive Spring Split, placing fourth and avoiding relegation, but head into the Summer Split with two new members. These new members will have a lot to prove if Denial wants to improve their standing for the Summer Split, or even to avoid relegations.


Denial eSports is a North American eSports organization, sponsoring multiple teams across various games such as League of Legends, Smite, Starcraft II, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Guild Wars 2, Tribes: Ascend and fighting games. At the moment organization sponsors one SMITE team, three League of Legends squads, Denial eSports (also reffered to as US West), their sister team Denial.east and female team, Huntress.


Player Roster


IGN Name Role
Usa.png Macetodaface Chris Grabowski Mid; Captain
Ca.png Vetium Conor Roberts Hunter
Usa.png Benj1 Ben McKinzey Solo
Usa.png Masked Suharab Askarzada Jungle
Usa.png Shadowq Erich Grabowski Guardian
Usa.png Xenotronics Nathan Hewitt Sub
Usa.png Whalrus Mark Maloney Sub


IGN Name Role Next Team
Shing Alex Rosa Jungle Release Gaming
Adjust Jared Deline Jungle N/A
BronxBombers Zach Morgan Hunter N/A
Homiefe Alexander D'Souza Jungle Problem Solved
MLCSt3alth Brett Felley Guardian, Mid Cloud9
Omega Ryan Johnson Hunter Team Eager
NexusAngel "Unknown" Jungle Inactive
PonPon Daniel Cooper Jungle N/A
JeffHindla Rosario Vilardi Guardian Cloud9
PainDeViande Louis-Phillippe Geoffrion Hunter; Captain Legion
Baskin Woonyoung Kim Solo Cloud9
TheBest Jeremy Dailey Solo COGnitive Gaming
madmanmarc22 Mark Rothman Hunter Unknown
Sikandara Alexander D'Souza Jungle Unknown

Tournament Results

08-30-13 - 09-02-13 PAX Prime LAN Silvermedal.png 2nd $5 000
12-28-13 SMITE End of Year 10k Bronzemedal.png 3rd $1 500
01-04-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #1 Bronzemedal.png 3rd $150
01-11-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #2 RO16 N/A
01-18-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #3 4th N/A
01-25-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #4 5th-8th N/A
01-31-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #5 5th-8th N/A
02-08-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #6 5th-8th N/A
02-15-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #7 4th N/A
02-22-14 SMITE Path to 200k Week #8 4th N/A
03-30-14 Smite Launch Tournament 5th-8th $4,358.20
04-12-14 SMITECentral Battle for Olympus #2 5th-8th N/A
06-28-2015 SMITE Pro League NA Summer Season 4th $13,000