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Death marks are Cosmetic Items in SMITE that automatically apply a decal or spray upon killing an enemy player. These sprays last for 30 seconds. Players can choose which death mark they want to use from the loadout screen.

List of Death marks[edit | edit source]

Kill Face RIP Skull Get Rekt I Love You GG Crater Salty Money
Kill Face Death mark RIP Death mark Skull Death mark Get Rekt Death mark I Love You Death mark GG Death mark Crater Death mark Salty Death mark Money Death mark
Voodoo Game Over Unamused Hera Cutesy Pendragon N00B
Voodoo Death mark Game Over Death mark Unamused Hera Death mark Cutesy Pendragon Death Mark N00B Death Mark
  • Kill Face, RIP, Skull, Get Rekt, I Love You, GG, Crater, Salty and Money: These death marks can be obtained from the Inner Demon Chest (Inner Demon Arena).
  • Voodoo: This death mark is part of the Voodoo Bundle 2 from the Voodoo Chest (Divine Uprising).
  • Game Over: This death mark is part of the Pixelated Chest bundle from the Pixel Chest.
  • Unamused Hera: This death mark was part of the Hera's Odyssey event.
  • Cutesy Pendragon: This death mark is part of the Camelot Bundle from the (Legend of Camelot) event.
  • N00B: This death mark could be obtained by purchasing and achieving enough levels in the third Battle Pass.

Gallery[edit | edit source]