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Basic Info
Name Kevin Confrey
Country Denmark
Team Titan
Role Solo
Twitch confrey
Twitter Titan_Confrey

Kevin "Confrey" Confrey is Titan's Solo.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Originally a Mid Laner for BloodyTech EU, Confrey switched over to Solo Lane to play with the now Titan roster for season 1. Battling through the Challengers Cup expanded his mage-centric gold pool to include some of the more dominant bruisers. This culminated into one of the strongest Osiris plays we have ever seen at the Smite World Championship. While he still loves playing healers, Confrey will be sure to mix it up for season 2.

SMITE Tournament Series Statistics[edit | edit source]

Team History[edit | edit source]

Team Date Role Reason for Leaving
Team titan.png Titan April 2015 Solo Current

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Achievements[edit | edit source]