Camp Lazy Day

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Camp Lazy Day was an event introduced with SMITE Version 3.16.3599.1 that began on August 30, 2016.

Description[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Camp Lazy Day!

Bacchus is out cold (again) and we want to wake him from his slumber. We have several quests planned to help you with this task, so grab a wiener and a cold one 'cause it's 'bout to get rowdy up in here.

Quests have to be completed in order and are only available for a limited time (ends September 13th).

Complete all quests to receive the Bacchus Hoot 'n Holler skin.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Icon Quest Reward Notes
CampLazyDay StroketheFires.png Stroke the Fires
Play 3 Normal Matches.
Unlocks "Busy as a Bee"
  • The bonfire on the event screen will light up. Bacchus' shoes will catch on fire and he'll wake up to put them out, then he'll fall back asleep.
CampLazyDay BusyasaBee.png Busy as a Bee
Earn 50 Worshippers
Unlocks "Wake Up Sleepyhead"
  • A swarm of bees will come out of the hive on the event screen, startling Bacchus. When the swarm goes away, Bacchus will fall asleep sitting up.
CampLazyDay WakeUpSleepyhead.png Wake Up Sleepyhead
Earn 30,000 Gold
Hoot 'n Holler Bacchus
  • Fireworks start to go off in the distance. After being awoken by the bright lights and loud noises, Bacchus finally decides to get up.