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Boosters in SMITE are a way for players to increase the rewards they gain from matches. Boosters are mainly bought with Gems.png Gems an can last between a single day and one month. Players can check the time remaining by looking at their loadout on the profile screen and also on the player display at the bottom of the main lobby screen. Boosters can also be earned as rewards from some events or from certain Treasure Chests, like the Clan chests.

While a booster is active, Favor.png Favor gain is increased by a 100% and Account experience and Worshiper gain are increased by 25%. Players will also receive 30 Fantasy Points each time they claim a daily login bonus.

1 Day
Booster Icon On.png
3 Days
Booster Icon On.png
30 Days
Booster Icon On.png
100 Gems.png 250 Gems.png 500 Gems.png

Team Boosters[edit | edit source]

Team Boosters are a new type of consumable item players can use in the pre-match lobby. A Team Booster will grant the player and all of their teammates a bonus. Only one of each type of Team Booster can be used per match.

This type of boosters can be obtained by rolling triumphant chests, by purchasing special bundles or through certain events, like the Season Ticket.

Acquisition Booster Worshipers.png
Team Worshiper Booster
Your team will get 2x Worshipers.
Acquisition Booster Favor.png
Team Favor Booster
Your team will get 2x Favor.
Acquisition Booster AllSkins.png
Team Skin Booster
Unlocks all non-limited or mastery skins.
Acquisition Booster FantasyPoints.png
Battle Points Booster
Your team will get 20% more Battle Points.
Acquisition Booster XP.png
XP Booster
Your team will get 2x Experience.
Acquisition Booster Enigma.png
Enigma Chest Booster
Your team will get an Enigma Chest.
Acquisition Booster TriumphantChest.png
Triumph Chest Booster
Your team will get a Triumph Chest.
Acquisition Booster VoicePack.png
Team Voice Pack Booster
Unlocks all voice packs.