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Basic Info
Name Kennet Ros
Team Epsilon eSports
Role Jungle
Twitch theadapting
YouTube YouTube

Kennet "Adapting" Ros is a member of NRG eSports.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Despite his skill, Adapting had a history of just missing out on competing with the best. He originally competed with IIIII, trying to qualify for the Season 1 SPL, but failed in the final week. Afterwards he battled through the Challengers Cup with Potato Boys, but once again fell just short of qualifying for the European Regionals. Then again, he failed to qualify in the final week of the Spring Split. Determined to get to the top, he once again fought through the Challengers Cup, and FINALLY qualified into the Summer Split through his expansion match. He was on Epsilon eSports being on his Hall of Fame then form Panthera and get signed a contract with NRG.

Team and Tournament History[edit | edit source]

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-01-10 1st SMITE World Championship 2016 Epsilon eSports Dimi • Yammyn • Emilitoo • iRaffer
2015-11-22 2nd Season 2 EU Regionals Epsilon eSports Dimi • Yammyn • Emilitoo • iRaffer
2015-10-25 1st SPL Season 2 EU Fall Split Epsilon eSports Dimi • Yammyn • Emilitoo • iRaffer
2015-06-28 4th SPL Season 2 EU Summer Epsilon eSports NinjaDimi • Yammyn • Emilitoo • iRaffer

Trivia[edit | edit source]