2015 Spring Fling

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The 2015 Spring Fling is the run-up event to the SMITE Pro League Season 2 Spring Finals. HiRez has planned many fun and engaging events for Thursday and Friday before competitive play begins. Donations will be open during the Spring Fling, all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Every donation $10 or higher will be read out loud on stream. Donations can also go towards players’ gods, team names, and mini-games that have been planned during the Spring Fling charity event.

Donation Goals[edit | edit source]

  • $1,000 – Five 400 gem code giveaway in Twitch chat
  • $2,500 – Ten 400 gem code giveaway in Twitch chat
  • $5,000 – Ten 800 gem giveaway in Twitch chat
  • $7,500 – Five Godpack giveaway in Twitch chat
  • $10,000 – God Skin concept reveal
  • $15,000 – God Remodel concept reveal
  • $20,000 – Map update reveal

Schedule[edit | edit source]

THURSDAY[edit | edit source]

3v3 Tournament[edit | edit source]

A brawl between the four competing teams highlighted below

  Semifinals Finals
TSM logo white.png Team SoloMid<sup>multiple results</sup> 0
C9 logo.png AFK Gaming<sup>multiple results</sup> 1
Fnatic Logo.png FNATIC<sup>multiple results</sup> 0
C9 logo.png AFK Gaming<sup>multiple results</sup> 1
TRIG eSports 0
Fnatic Logo.png FNATIC<sup>multiple results</sup> 1

Assault[edit | edit source]

Random players from the participating teams will be put into an Assault Match, and battle for who’s truly the king of the randoms

Pickup Games[edit | edit source]

Two captains will pick schoolyard style from all 20 players based on who they want for their pick-up game team

FRIDAY[edit | edit source]

1v1 Tournament[edit | edit source]

Is CaptainTwig really the best 1v1 player on the planet? Find out as the best players in Season 2 go head to head

HiRez vs Pros[edit | edit source]

The best in the business take on the business itself. The most talented Hi-Rez employees will take on a team comprised of pro players in a 5v5 Conquest

All-star Matchup[edit | edit source]

The community will vote on who they want to see join forces in this Allstar 5v5 Conquest

There are additional fun events planned after play events have concluded, be sure to tune in to http://www.twitch.tv/smitegame to catch all the fun.

Stream[edit | edit source]

Participating Teams[edit | edit source]

TSM logo white.png AFK Gaming.png
Team SoloMid AFK Gaming
TRIG Esports.png Fnatic Logo.png
TRIG Esports Fnatic