Season Ticket 2017

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The SMITE Season Ticket 2017 is a special event that lasts for the whole Season 4 of SMITE eSports. For it's duration, players will be able to earn Fantasy Points (FP) by winning matches. Collecting enough of these points will award exclusive rewards such as skins, avatars, global emotes and more.

The Season Ticket will have 3 splits: Spring, Summer and Fall. Players can purchase the Season Ticket Bundle for a split, which will grant access to the Fantasy League where players can vote for which Pro teams they believe will win each tournament. Guessing correctly will grant 40 Fantasy Points. Apart from that, players will also have access to exclusive quests that will grant them 500 FP per quest. The bundle grants a boost to FP gain, 15 Team Worshiper boosters, 1 Team FP booster, and a special skin exclusive to that split. The cost for the Season Ticket bundles is 400 Gems.png Gems.

More information can be found here: Season Ticket 2017 FAQ.

Fantasy Points

There are several ways to earn Fantasy Points:

  • Winning any matches that rewards Experience. Each win will award 10 FP and each loss 5 FP. This can be boosted to 20 FP for a win and 10 FP for a loss.
  • Voting on the Fantasy League. Successfully choosing the winner of a match will reward 40 FP.
  • Completing Season Ticket Quests. Each quest will award 500 FP.

Additionally, players can exchange 300 Gems.png for a 500 FP bundle. Every bundle purchased contributes to funding for the 2017 SMITE eSports Season.