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T Vamana Default Card.png
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Title: Fifth Avatar of Vishnu
Pantheon: Hindu
Type: Melee, Physical
Class: Warrior
Pros: High Defense, High Sustain
Release date: May 31, 2012
Favor: 5,500Favor.png
Gems: 20Gems.png
Voicelines: Vamana voicelines
Health: 480 (+85)
Mana: 200 (+39)
Speed: 365 (+0)
Range: 12 (+0)
Attack/Sec: 0.9 (+0.014)
Basic Attack
Damage: 37 + 2.25 (+ 100% of Physical Power)
Progression: None
Physical: 18 (+2.9)
Magical: 30 (+0.9)
HP5: 8 (+0.5)
MP5: 4.7 (+0.41)
*Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level

[edit] Lore

Though small of stature, Vamana, the Fifth Avatar of Vishnu, should never be underestimated. His harsh lessons in humility have shamed even the proudest of kings.

The demon king, Bali, was fair and righteous, yet for all his virtues, Bali was extremely proud and driven by fierce ambition. After conquering the Underworld and all the Earth, Bali managed to wrest the Heavens from the God Indra. Unable to reclaim his seat, Indra implored Vishnu for aid, and so Vishnu took the form of a small mortal man, a priest named Vamana.

In his splendid palace, Bali was giving gifts to the pious. Vishnu, disguised as the monk Vamana and carrying a wooden umbrella, requested only as much land as he could cover in three steps. Bali offered Vamana an island but Vamana stuck to his request, which Bali granted against the wishes of his advisor. Immediately, Vamana grew to cosmic proportions, crashing through the ceiling of the palace and filling the sky. With one colossal step, he engulfed all the Earth and the Underworld. With a second step, he consumed the heavens. Now, with everything under his two feet, Vamana had nowhere to place his third step. He challenged Bali to go back on his word or offer somewhere else for him to step. Bali’s demon army surged forth, but the demon king held them back. Bowing in humility, Bali offered his head as the third step. Vamana sends Bali to the underworld but, in recognizing Bali’s benevolence, shows mercy by granting him sovereignty over it in appreciation of Bali’s sacrifice.

Vishnu returned control of the Heavens to Indra and left his Avatar behind, but he also left behind a valuable lesson. Even the mightiest and most arrogant of kings can be humbled by the smallest of men.

[edit] Skills

Name Icon Slot Description
Sleeping Giant Icons Vamana Passive.png Passive When Vamana is in Colossal form, taking damage from gods increases the duration by .5s, up to 10s. Additionally, 20% of Vamana's Physical Protection is converted to Physical Power.
Clear the Path Icons Vamana RainingMen.png 1st Ability Vamana opens his umbrella in front of him and sprints forward, doing 70/110/150/190/230 (+60% of your physical power) damage to all enemies and knocking them into the air.

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Armored Umbrella Icons Vamana UmbrellaStrike.png 2nd Ability Vamana infuses his umbrella with his armor, reinforcing it while he strikes forth, doing 85/140/195/250/305 (+100% of your physical power) damage to all enemies in a cone.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

Umbrellarang Icons Vamana GhostUmbrella.png 3rd Ability Vamana spins an umbrella out in front of him, hitting everyone in its path for 50/85/120/155/190 (+40% of your physical power) damage and slowing your enemies' attack and movement speeds by 30% for 3s. After reaching its destination, the umbrella returns back to Vamana, hitting everyone in its path again.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana.

Cooldown: 13 seconds.

Colossal Fury Icons Vamana BigBaby.png Ultimate Vamana grows to an enormous giant. While Vamana is enraged, he is immune to crowd control, gains 5/10/15/20/25 protections, 40/65/90/115/140 physical power, 5% health regeneration and his basic attacks now damage all enemies in a 12 ft radius. You can right click to cancel his giant form early. Lasts 6s plus Sleeping Giant.

Cost: 100 mana.

Cooldown: 90 seconds.

[edit] Recommended Items

Consumable Active Items Passive Items


Healing Potion

HealthPotion.png Healing Potion
Active effect
This consumable heals 250 health over 25 seconds.

GreaterMeditation T3.png


GreaterMeditation T3.png Meditation
Active effect
Heals the owner's mana by 75% of their maximum mana and gives them 45 MP5 for 60 seconds. This also heals the owner for 30% of their missing health.

Active Cooldown

GreaterSprint T3.png


GreaterSprint T3.png Sprint
Active effect
Increases your ground speed by 40% for 6s. It also makes you immune to slows for the duration, and you no longer have the movement penalty while firing.

Active Cooldown

MarkoftheVanguard T1.png

Mark of the Vanguard

MarkoftheVanguard T1.png Mark of the Vanguard (Rank 3)
+5 Physical Protection

+5 Magical Protection

+100 Health

Passive effect
PASSIVE - All damage taken is reduced by 5.

P WarriorTabi.png

Warrior Tabi

P WarriorTabi.png Warrior Tabi
+30 Physical Power

+9% Attack Speed

Passive effect
+18% Movement Speed.PASSIVE - You gain +15 Physical Penetration.

HideoftheNemeanLion T3.png

Hide of the Nemean Lion

HideoftheNemeanLion T3.png Hide of the Nemean Lion (Rank 3)
+200 Health

+80 Physical Protection

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Reflects 20% of all basic attack damage back to the attacker as magical damage.

FrostboundHammer T3.png

Frostbound Hammer

FrostboundHammer T3.png Frostbound Hammer (Rank 3)
+400 Health

+25 Physical Power

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your basic attacks will move 25% slower for 2 seconds.

VoidShield T3.png

Void Shield

VoidShield T3.png Void Shield (Rank 3)
+25 Physical Power

+50 Physical Protection

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Reduces the Physical Protection of enemies within 55 feet by 15.

Witchblade T3.png

Witch Stone

Witchblade T3.png Witchblade (Rank 3)
+45 Physical Protection

+15% Movement Speed

+15% Attack Speed

Passive effect
AURA - All enemies within 55 feet have their attack speed reduced by 15% and their Physical Power reduced by 25.

[edit] Trivia

  • Lil' Mana's joke "How you doin'?" is possibly a reference to the catch phrase of one of the main characters in the American sitcom Friends, Joey Tribbiani.
  • Lil' Mana's joke "Who am I? I'm batman" is a reference to the catch phrase of Batman.
  • Lil' Mana's taunt "Mana's gonna knock you out! Whaa?! Mana's gonna knock you out! Hey hey!" is a reference to the song Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J
  • Lil' Mana's taunt "Hey! Say hello to your mother for me!" is most likely a reference to the Saturday Night Live -sketch Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

[edit] Skins/Cards

If you'd like to see a larger version of the loading screen splash art or in game model, just click on the image itself.

Default Divine Protector Lil' Mana Golden
Free 200 Gems or 9500 Favor 600 Gems 400 Gems or 15000 Favor

God Rank 1 Required

Default Skin card Divine Protector Skin card Lil' Mana Skin card Golden Skin card
In Game Model In Game Model In Game Model In Game Model
Default Skin model Divine Protector Skin model Lil' mana Skin model Golden Skin model