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T Poseidon Default Card.png
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Title: God of the Oceans
Pantheon: Greek
Type: Ranged, Magical
Class: Mage
Pros: High Area Damage
Release date: February 28, 2013
Favor: 5,500Favor.png
Gems: 200Gems.png
Voicelines: Poseidon voicelines
Health: 380 (+67)
Mana: 245 (+40)
Speed: 360 (+0)
Range: 55 (+0)
Attack/Sec: 0.87 (+0.01)
Basic Attack
Damage: 35 + 1.5 (+ 20% of Magical Power)
Progression: None
Physical: 8 (+2.2)
Magical: 30 (+0)
HP5: 6 (+0.5)
MP5: 4.6 (+0.4)
*Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level

[edit] Lore

Deep beneath the turbulent tides of the ocean lingers a God of idle rage. What must it be like to live forever in the shadow of your brother? To be denied again and again that which you desire, despite the power of the wrathful seas at your command? So Poseidon broods on his throne at the ocean floor.

As a child, Poseidon and his brother, Hades, were consumed by their father, Cronus. Powerless to escape, it was left to mighty Zeus to free them and slay their patron. Together, they defeated the last of the Titans and ushered in a new age of dominance for Olympian Gods, but their freedom, their very lives, Zeus would never let either brother forget were owed to him. Even as the heavens, the underworld, and the seas were divided among them, Zeus positioned himself as king of all, and what was Poseidon to do but be thankful he had been spared a fate in his father’s belly? So he retired to his new realm and began the pursuit of gathering worshippers.

Soon rose a great ocean front city of mankind, and Poseidon presented himself as their God, but another had already come, Athena, Zeus’ daughter. A competition was held – each God would offer a gift and the people would select their sponsor. Confident, Poseidon drove his Trident, a trophy from the battle against the Titans, into the ground and a limitless spring emerged, but the people found the water salty and undrinkable. Athena extended her hand and a graceful olive tree rose from the earth. Wood, food, and oil, all from one gift. The people decided and the city was called Athens.

It may be that Poseidon never desired greatness as Zeus did. Had his father never consumed him, had he never been made God of the Sea, had his brother never crowned himself King of the Gods, Poseidon might have lived contentedly, but that chance is gone. Now, with the very tides at his command, an army of sea beasts at his back, and the formidable Kraken at his call, the glowering God of the deep seeks to quench his thirsty rage and plunge all the world in endless, wrathful seas.

[edit] Skills

Name Icon Slot Description
Changing Tides Icons Poseidon Passive.png Passive Poseidon's Movement speed increases and his abilities do additional damage as his Tide Level increases. Successful basic attack hits increase his Tide by 10%, and using abilities decreases it. Abilities deal up to 20% additional damage and Movement speed increases up to 20% at max Tide Level.
Tidal Surge Icons Poseidon A01.png 1st Ability Poseidon summons forth a wave that travels in a line, dealing 100/140/180/220/260 (+70% of your magical power) damage and pushing back all enemies in its path. Reduces Poseidon's Tide by 35% when cast.

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Trident Icons Poseidon A03.png 2nd Ability Poseidon activates his Trident, granting 15/20/25/30/35% Move speed and making his basic attacks fire 2 additional shots in a spread for 6s. The shots deal 30/40/50/60/70 magical damage plus 20% of Poseidon's Magical Power. All shots increase Poseidon's Tide on successful hit.

Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 mana.

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds.

Whirlpool Icons Poseidon A02.png 3rd Ability Poseidon summons a whirlpool at his ground target location that cripples targets in a 20 ft radius, preventing movement abilities, and pulls targets toward the center dealing 15/25/35/45/55 (+15% of your magical power) magical damage every .5s for 3s. Reduces Poseidon's Tide by 25% when cast.

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

Release the Kraken! Icons Poseidon A04.png Ultimate Poseidon releases the Kraken, dealing 170/195/220/245/270 (30% of your magical power) damage and slowing targets in its 30 ft radius by 30%. Enemies in the center of the effect when it spawns take 180/220/260/300/340 (60% of your magical power) damage and are stunned for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s and bounced into the air. Reduces Poseidon's Tide by 50% when cast.

Cost: 100/110/120/130/140 mana.

Cooldown: 90 seconds.

[edit] Recommended Items

Consumable Active Items Passive Items


Healing Potion

HealthPotion.png Healing Potion
Active effect
This consumable heals 250 health over 25 seconds.

GreaterMeditation T3.png


GreaterMeditation T3.png Meditation
Active effect
Heals the owner's mana by 75% of their maximum mana and gives them 45 MP5 for 60 seconds. This also heals the owner for 30% of their missing health.

Active Cooldown

GreaterSprint T3.png


GreaterSprint T3.png Sprint
Active effect
Increases your ground speed by 40% for 6s. It also makes you immune to slows for the duration, and you no longer have the movement penalty while firing.

Active Cooldown


Vampiric Shroud

Vampiricshroud.png Vampiric Shroud (Rank 3)
+20 Magical Power

+100 Health

+5 MP5

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Killing an enemy restores 10 health and mana.

M Shoes oftheMagi.png

Shoes of the Magi

M Shoes oftheMagi.png Shoes of the Magi
+50 Magical Power

+250 Mana

Passive effect
+18% Movement Speed.PASSIVE - You gain +15 Magical Penetration.

WarlocksSash T3.png

Warlock's Sash

WarlocksSash T3.png Warlock's Sash (Rank 3)
+50 Magical Power

+300 Health

+400 Mana

Passive effect
PASSIVE - You permanently gain +3 Health and +.6 Magical Power per stack, and receive 5 stacks for a god kill and 1 stack per minion kill. (max. 100 stacks)

SpearoftheMagus T3.png

Spear of the Magus

SpearoftheMagus T3.png Spear of the Magus (Rank 3)
+40 Magical Power

+15 Magical Penetration

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your damaging abilities have their magical protection reduced by 10 and an additional 10% for 5 seconds (maximum 2 stacks).

Polynomicon T3.png


Polynomicon T3.png Polynomicon (Rank 3)
+75 Magical Power

+10% Magical Lifesteal

+300 Mana

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Using an ability gives your next basic attack within the next 5 seconds +85% of your magical power as additional magical damage. The effect can only occur every 4 seconds.

RodofTahuti T3.png

Rod of Tahuti

RodofTahuti T3.png Rod of Tahuti (Rank 3)
+125 Magical Power

+15 MP5

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Increases magical power by 25%.

[edit] Reveal Video

[edit] Trivia

  • Poseidon was a free starter character for every account that had been created between July 10, 2013 and October 1, 2013.
  • Poseidon's Ultimate features the sea monster Kraken. This is rather weird since the Kraken is a Norse myth while Poseidon is a Greek God. However, this is most likely a reference to the film Clash of the Titans where Poseidon summons the creature with the same quote, "Release the Kraken!".

[edit] Skins/Cards

If you'd like to see a larger version of the loading screen splash art or in game model, just click on the image itself.

Default The Earthshaker Poolseidon
(Beta Exclusive)
Golden Previous Default Cards
Free 200 Gems or 9500 Favor 600 Gems 400 Gems or 15000 Favor

God Rank 1 Required

Replaced in Tyr patch
Default Skin card The Earthshaker Skin card Poolseidon Skin card Golden Skin card Original Default Skin card
In Game Model In Game Model In Game Model In Game Model
Default Skin model The Earthshaker Skin model Poolseidon Skin model Golden Skin model