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The Match of the Day (originally titled "Mode of the Day") was introduced December 21, 2012 in SMITE Closed Beta Version 0.1.1267.0 (the Xbalanque patch). As its name suggests, the mode (MotD for short) is changed daily by Hi-Rez Studios. The MotD was retitled as the Match of the Day in 2013. Beginning in April 2013, Assault game types were added to the Match of the Day. Conquest mode matches were later added back into the MotD rotation. .

Starting in October 2014, two new functions were added to the MotD, one being the CDR modifier, which involves all players starting with a set amount of Cooldown Reduction and sometimes being able to reach 80% CDR, and the other function being the reverse pick modifier, allowing teams to pick their opponent's Gods for them.

On August 4, 2015, it was made possible to allow or force certain skins to be used (even if they are not owned), allowing more creative MoTD's.

Play time varies on chosen game mode, with most being shorter than their normal counterparts due to many game modes starting at a higher level or with more gold, or a greater amount of XP and Gold Spooling.

Matches of the Day[edit | edit source]

Name Description
AD-Day The day of reckoning has finally come. Tough decisions must be made, and some will surely not make it back alive. Are you ready? Pick up your weapons and get ready to do some damage in an all AD brawl. Play only as gods with high physical power. Assault gametype.
Arachnophobia Come into my web, said the spider to the... dead guy. Welcome to the spider's web, where only Arachne dwells. Can you keep your footing?
Battle of the Beards The ultimate battle for MANkind has finally come and smooth chins are not welcome! Fight to become the Führer of Fur! May only the most manly men win in the Battle of the Beards!
NOTE: Despite not having beards in the traditional sense, Ao Kuang and Hun Batz are included in this mode.
Big Ballers Hercules is out to prove who's got the biggest balls around - and yes, it looks like it's him! Control Hercules in a 5 on 5 mirror match and bowl your way through the rest of those meatheads to victory!
Birds of a Feather Flock together! Join Isis, Ra, and Freya in this battle of the birds. Guaranteed to make you squawk! Assault gametype.
Blood Brother Brawl Blood brothers Odin and Loki team up in a match of wisdom and wit, strength and stealth to dominate in the Arena. Will you play the role of brother or betrayer?
Cat Scratch Fever Here kitty, kitty! Anhur and Bastet bare claws and fangs in an Arena match so fast and furious that it will make your fur stand on end.
Clash of the Titan-Killers! The Olympian brothers are reunited once again, and with no remaining titan threats, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are battling it out for total domination of the skies, earth, and seas! Lead your brothers to victory or face their wrath.
Cooldowns Runneth Over Fire abilities at will in this frantic MOTD where all you abilities have greatly reduced cooldown!
Cool Cats Ymir, the frost giant, teams up with cute kitty Bastet and lionheaded Anhur for an absolutely purrrfect Assault battle. Who will be the coolest cat around?
Cup Runneth Over Wealth and resources abound in an endgame battle for who can use them best. Start an Arena match with 12,000 gold at level 20. All gods are available. Use your resources wisely - your enemies will be equally endowed, but may be better prepared.
Death and Taxes It's that time of year again and the gods of death have been saving up. Play as Hades, Hel, Thanatos, Zhong Kui, or Anubis in a Conquest match with increased gold trickle and watch the money pour in. In this match, nothing is certain... except death and taxes. NOTE: This is the only MotD to completely share a character roster with another one (Faces of Death)
Domination Classic Want to revisit the nostalgia of the past?
Don’t Pinch Me Bro The gods in green are having a St. Patricks day party in the most green battlefield they can, the Mayan Jungle.
East vs. West Find out how the West was won (or lost). The gods of the East face off against those of the West in a no-holds-barred Arena matchup. Hindu and Chinese gods vs. Greek and Norse. NOTE: Despite the description, not all of each pantheon's gods are available in this mode. The Hindu pantheon is the only to have all of its gods available in this mode. Only Arachne, Ares, Freya, Hades, Hel, Loki, Odin, Thor, Ymir, & Zeus are available for the West. Chang'e & Zhong Kui are not available for the East.
Faces of Death Rest in Pieces! All the death gods (Hades, Anubis, Thanatos, Zhong Kui, and Hel) team up in a 5v5 Arena matchup.
NOTE: This MotD formerly had the following description: Rest in pieces! Hades, Anubis, and Hel team up in a 5v5 joust matchup.
Fire and Ice Agni, god of flame, and Ymir, the frost giant, bring their respective elements to the battlefield in a clash of opposing forces. Set aside your differences and come together for a steamy Arena match.
Freedom Free-For-All Happy American Independence Day! In celebration of freedom, all debts are forgiven and the sky is the limit for opportunity. Choose ANY god in this all-hands-in Arena battle. Bring a friend or two as well, because freedom is worth fighting for!
NOTE: This MotD was first used July 4th, 2013.
Friday the 13th Feeling unlucky? You're doomed! You're all doomed! In this 3v3 All Chaac MOTD. Warning: Chaac gets big quick, watch your back!
NOTE: This MotD was introduced in June 13th, 2014 along with an special mini event that lasted 3 days, that refunded gems those who owned the "Slaughterhouse Chaac" skin based on the number of kills that were achieved until its end.
Giant Growth Vamana faces off against himself in an Arena battle of truly epic proportions. Ladies, control yourselves - that's the next level of supernatural male enhancement you're witnessing.
Giant Slayers Ne Zha, the boy wonder, and Ymir, the frost giant, face off in an all-mid Assault match to determine if the bigger ones do indeed fall farther. Will you assume the role of the giant or side with the little guy?
Grab Bag All bets are off in a furious Conquest match. A random god is assigned to everyone, but everyone starts the match with 100,000 gold. Spend your way to victory before the enemy can adapt!
Grand Melee An epic brawl! Test your might with only melee characters in a savage Arena match.
Healing Touch We know how much you love (or hate) healers in Assault. Well, now you get a healer! And you get a healer! EVERYONE GETS A HEALER!
Hoarder Gimme da gold! Start with a whopping 100k gold at the beginning of the match. Money is no longer an issue.
Joust the two of us Join the queue with your best friend or queue alone to make a new friend because it'll just be the two of you holding the lane.
Kraken-head Poseidon, the wrathful God of the Oceans, has emerged from the depths and is summoning the mighty Kraken to his aid. Abandon seaside villages and beachfront property and head for high ground! It's about to get wet! Arena gametype.
Labors of Love Hercules has returned from completing his 12 labors, and only the greatest challenge remains - can he find love? Cupid and Aphrodite team up with Hercules to bring out his softer side. Will you fawn or show brawn? NOTE: Aphrodite was not originally included in this MotD.
Ladies First All the ladies face off in a bout that is sure to turn heads. Remember your manners, gentlemen. Arena gametype.
NOTE: Despite the description, the only gods available in this MotD are Arachne, Artemis, Bastet, Freya, Hel, and Kali.
Make it Rain Make it rain blood... and gold! Team up with Mayan Gods and start off with 50,000 gold in this Siege 4v4 MOTD.
Marked for Destruction Take up arms as Kali, the goddess of destruction, in a furious Arena mirror match!
Masters of the Hunt Master hunters Artemis, Neith, and Xbalanque team up to find the biggest game in this Assault matchup. Will you be the predator or the prey?
NOTE: This MotD formerly had the following description: Master hunter Xbalanque teams up with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, to find the biggest game in this matchup. Will you be the predator or the prey?
Norse vs South The gods of the Norse face off against their neighbours in the South. Can Odin lead his fellow Yankees to victory? Norse vs Greek and Egyptian, Arena matchup.
Open Season Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt, is on the prowl in a 3v3 Joust matchup. Join your hunting squad and prepare to hunt some big game.
Overconsumption Gather your appetite for destruction and ravage the Arena. Bakasura, the devourer, and Bacchus, the overindulger, are teaming up for a feast for the senses. Everyone starts with 4000 gold, and gold spooling is increased in a big way.
Playing With Fire Agni is making it rain fire in an incendiary Arena match. When the smoke clears, will you still be standing?
Ragnarok! It is the end of days... Fenrir has broken free of his chains and Ragnarok is upon us! The Norse gods must rally to prevent ultimate destruction... or bring it to be. Join the ranks of the Norse in an Assault match that will determine the fate of the world as we know it.
River Delta He Bo, god of the Yellow River, and Sobek, god of the Nile, are running to a game near you. Control the flow of battle to ultimately drown your adversaries. Will you sink or swim?
Roulette Are you a betting man (or woman)? Roll the dice! A random god is assigned to everyone for an Arena match. Have you done your research, or can you adapt in time to find victory?
NOTE: This mode was formerly called Random Challenge.
Siege Smackdown The gods have all gathered in the Mayan jungle to host the ultimate siege tournament. They've spared no expense granting each combatant 100,000 starting gold for this rumble in the jungle.
Smite Launch Special SMITE is officially out of beta and all of your favorite gods and goddesses are ready to party! ..And maybe battle to the death. All gods are available in this special Assault Map MOTD.
Solar Flare The brilliance of the sun can't be contained, especially when it comes in two flavors. Apollo, Greek god of the sun and music, teams up with Ra, the Egyptian sun god, to outshine all who oppose them. Assault gametype.
Super Sized Showdown Join the heavy hitters Bacchus, Kumbhakarna and Zhong Kui as they bring their hunger for combat to Asgard.
T.G.I. Freya's Day It's Freya, all Freya. Partyin', Partyin', Yeah! Freya vs. Freya in an Arena mirror match. Arena gametype.
Tank Warfare A demolition derby of tank warfare. Who will be able to hold out long enough to dominate the lane? Assault gametype.
The Perfect Storm Zeus, Thor, and Ao Kuang are teaming up to bring the rain. Command lightning, thunder, and the winds to bring total annihilation to your foes in an epic battle for new territory.
Thor's Day II By Odin's Beard! Bring down the mighty Mjolnir on your brothers and emerge the greatest son of Odin. Thor vs. Thor in a Conquest match.
Time Out Time has become a loop and Chronos, its keeper, is calling for a time out to straighten it out! In the process, it might repeat itself a few times over. Join in on the anachronistic mayhem in an Assault battle that is all Chronos all the time.
Tip the Scales Leaping lizards! Ao Kuang and Sobek team up in a cold-blooded Arena match. May the best reptile tip the scales in his favor.
Ultimate Arena of the Gods Wanted to play your favorite god but some jerk auto-locked it first? Don't worry! Any team composition if possible in this Special Arena MOTD.
Vulcanic Eruption Vulcan, the god of the forge, is here in a hot and heavy Arena match so exiting it'll overheat your guns.
Vulcan' Insane An army of walking forges invades Asgard! Will you survive this all-Vulcan battle loaded down with 100,000 gold?
Warmonger Ares and Athena, the Greek gods of war, and Guan Yu, Chinese saint of war, combine forces to bring utter devastation to the battlefield. Lead your army to victory in a battle for great honor!
Water World Release the floodgates! He Bo, god of the Yellow River, is flooding the Arena! Can you keep your head above water?
What's behind door number 3v3? What's better that one god shooting giant-lazer-beam-portals across the map? Six gods shooting giant-lazer-beam-portals ofcourse! Fight it out in this all Janus 3v3 Joust MOTD.
When one door closes... ...another opens. Join this all Janus MOTD in the 4v4 Siege Map and please... no knock knock jokes.
Wino Wars Bacchus, the god of wine, is losing his buzz and must do battle to regain it. Face off in a mirror match and prepare to leave your opponents under the table. No mixers though - Bacchus only!
Witchhunt Freya, the sorceress, and Artemis the hunter team up in a battle, bringing both magic and cunning to the battlefield. Will you be hunter or hunted?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A "Graped" match of the day was introduced May 5, 2013 involving Bacchus and Aphrodite, but was removed by Hi-Rez for being inappropriate.