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T Geb Default Card.png
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Title: God of Earth
Pantheon: Egyptian
Type: Melee, Magical
Class: Guardian
Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense
Release date: January 16, 2014
Favor: 5,500Favor.png
Gems: 200Gems.png
Voicelines: Geb voicelines
Health: 510 (+90)
Mana: 190 (+34)
Speed: 360 (+0)
Range: 12 (+0)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+0.012)
Basic Attack
Damage: 38 + 1.5 (+ 20% of Magical Power)
Progression: 1/1/1/1x damage
Physical: 19 (+3)
Magical: 30 (+0.9)
HP5: 8 (+0.8)
MP5: 4.6 (+0.4)
*Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level

[edit] Lore

Behold the rumble from the deep, for it is the bellow of rock and stone. A titan of immortal ages has awoken from fitful slumber to crush all who tread upon his realm. A lumbering giant, patient, deliberate, unmovable; he is Geb, God of Earth.

When a mortal’s heart is weighed in the halls of Ma’at, Geb sits among the Gods in judgment. Those burdened with guilt and regret are claimed by Geb and dragged through the earthen crust to the underworld. Hearts free of such heaviness are taught words of power and ascend to the sky.

Ah, the sky.

It is but the one thing Geb longs for. In his eye, she is glorious sapphire, an unreachable object. But it was not always so. Once, the earth and sky were as one, Geb and Nut, Goddess of the Sky, locked in a lover’s embrace. Ra deemed their union unfit and sent Shu, God of Wind, between them. In his rage, Geb thundered and broke the earth, but for naught, Nut was now forever out of reach.

Though his desire has not weathered with the ages, Geb has rested peacefully for time immemorial, nurturing Mankind through bountiful harvest and stable ground for pyramids and palaces. It is the clash of Gods upon his surface that stirs him. He has risen to war, though his motives are unclear. Does he fight to prevent the destruction of his realm, or will he seize the chance to shatter the wind and reunite the earth and sky? Whatever the outcome, the earth will always remain.

[edit] Skills

Name Icon Slot Description
Hard as Rock Icons Geb Passive.png Passive Crits only do +25% damage to Geb, rather than the normal +100%.
Roll Out Icons Geb A01.png 1st Ability Geb turns into a mass of rolling earth, dealing 100/175/250/325/400 (+50% of your magical power) damage and slowing enemies he encounters by 30% for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s, stopping at the first god he hits. He increases speed as he travels, his damage scaling from 50% to maximum over 3s. Once at his top speed, Geb becomes CC immune, and will also knockback enemy gods. Geb can roll up to 6s.

Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana.

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds.

Shock Wave Icons Geb A03.png 2nd Ability Geb creates a shock wave, which ripples out from him in a cone, causing 90/160/230/300/370 (+50% of your magical power) damage and knockup to all enemies. Enemies closer to Geb take full damage, enemies at the furthest edge take 50%.

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Stone Shield Icons Geb A02.png 3rd Ability Geb targets himself or an ally to put a shield around. The shield blocks 50/100/150/200/250 (+20 per Geb’s level) damage and Knockback effects, and lasts 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s or until it takes enough damage to be destroyed. The Shield also cleanses any CC when applied.

Cost: 60 mana.

Cooldown: 18 seconds.

Cataclysm Icons Geb A04.png Ultimate Geb pulls apart the earth, dealing magical damage to all enemy gods based on 15/20/25/30/35% of their current health, and stunning them for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8s.

Cost: 100 mana.

Cooldown: 90 seconds.

[edit] Recommended Items

Consumable Active Items Passive Items


Healing Potion

HealthPotion.png Healing Potion
Active effect
This consumable heals 250 health over 25 seconds.

GreaterMeditation T3.png


GreaterMeditation T3.png Meditation
Active effect
Heals the owner's mana by 75% of their maximum mana and gives them 45 MP5 for 60 seconds. This also heals the owner for 30% of their missing health.

Active Cooldown

GreaterSprint T3.png


GreaterSprint T3.png Sprint
Active effect
Increases your ground speed by 40% for 6s. It also makes you immune to slows for the duration, and you no longer have the movement penalty while firing.

Active Cooldown

MarkoftheVanguard T1.png

Mark of the Vanguard

MarkoftheVanguard T1.png Mark of the Vanguard (Rank 3)
+5 Physical Protection

+5 Magical Protection

+100 Health

Passive effect
PASSIVE - All damage taken is reduced by 5.

M ReinforcedGreaves.png

(M) Reinforced Greaves

M ReinforcedGreaves.png (M) Reinforced Greaves
+25 Physical Protection

+25 Magical Protection

+50 Health

Passive effect
+18% Movement Speed / +26 Movement Speed while out of combat.PASSIVE - Resolve - 30% reduction to all crowd control durations.

Sovereignty T3.png


Sovereignty T3.png Sovereignty (Rank 3)
+400 Health

+65 Physical Protection

Passive effect
AURA - Magical and Physical Protections of allies within 70 feet are increased by 20.

VoidStone T3.png

Void Stone

VoidStone T3.png Void Stone (Rank 3)
+40 Magical Power

+50 Magical Protection

Passive effect
PASSIVE - Reduces the Magical Protection of enemies within 55 feet by 15.

MysticalMail T3.png

Mystical Mail

MysticalMail T3.png Mystical Mail (Rank 3)
+300 Health

+60 Physical Protection

Passive effect
AURA - Deals 40 magical damage per second to enemies within 25 units.

EtherealStaff T3.png

Ethereal Staff

EtherealStaff T3.png Ethereal Staff (Rank 3)
+30 Magical power

+600 Health

+300 Mana

Passive effect
PASSIVE - 2% of your maximum health is converted to magical power.

[edit] Reveal Video

[edit] Trivia

  • The name of Geb's first ability, Roll Out, might be a reference to the quote "Autobots, transform and roll out!" by the Autobots in the Transformers -franchise. It could also be a reference to the Rock-type move in Pokémon -franchise with the same name

[edit] Skins/Cards

If you'd like to see a larger version of the loading screen splash art or in game model, just click on the image itself.

Default Molten Fury Golden
Free 200 Gems or 9500 Favor 400 Gems or 15000 Favor

God Rank 1 Required

Default Skin card Molten Fury Skin card Golden Skin card
In Game Model In Game Model In Game Model
Default Skin model Molten Fury Skin model Golden Skin model