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Attack and Defense[edit]

There are three types of damage: Physical, Magical, and True damage. Gods are classified as being either magical or physical, with their abilities and basic attacks scaling out of that power.
A god's magical and physical protection values will reduce the amount of damage the corresponding types of damage apply.
A target's protection values can be reduced by penetration and reduction items.

For more detailed information about these topics, please visit their main article: Attack and Defense


Statistics are the values that indicate the strength, resistance, mobility, utility, etc. of all playable gods. These statistics are grouped up in 3 main categories: Offensive, Defensive and Utility. Offensive stats are those that are related to the damage output of a god, while Defensive stats are those related to the mitigation of the damage they take. Utility stats are those that provide benefits that aren't necessarily linked to offense or defense.

For more detailed information about this, please visit its main article: Statistics

Crowd Control[edit]

Crowd control (also called CC) is a term used to refer to abilities that influence or prevent the abilities or actions of other character(s). Crowd control can be extremely powerful, controlling the possible outcomes of an encounter, as it forces opponents to use a smaller set of abilities/actions.

For more detailed information about this topic, please visit its main article: Crowd Control

Movement Penalties[edit]

Movement speed is the value used to calculate the general velocity of a unit or player. Certain movement actions apply a penalty to a god's movement speed while they perform them. The Backpedal penalty is applied when walking backward. The Strafing penalty is applied for moving sidewards. The Attacking movement penalty is applied while using a basic attack and for a short time afterword. None of these penalties are shown in the movement speed counter. Some abilities such as Chang'e's passive allow one or more of these penalties to be ignored.

According to community experiments:

  • Backpedal penalty = 40% reduced†
  • Strafing penalty = 20% reduced†
  • Attacking movement penalty = 50% reduced†

†All of these numbers might not be accurate since there is no information from the Devs regarding that matter.

Note: Movement speed reduction from the mentioned above sources can be added multiplicative but can not exceed 50% reduction (e.g moving backwards while firing will only reduce your movement speed by 50%).


Structures are the main objectives of most game modes in Smite. The game features Three types of Structures: Towers, Phoenixes and the Titans. All structures except for the external towers are invulnerable until the ones preceding it are destroyed.

For more detailed information about this topic, please visit its main article: Structures

Jungle & Buffs[edit]

The jungle are the areas inbetween/around the lanes, that allow players to travel around the map with ease.
They usually contain neutral gold and buff camps, while certain modes' contain very strong but valuable neutral bosses.

For more detailed information about this topic, please visit its main article: Jungle

Combat Log[edit]

The Combat Log will display detailed damage and healing information. You can see it as a tab in the normal Chat window.


The minimap shows important information about character positions.

You can ping the minimap by pressing the Free Mouse key (default Alt) and moving the cursor over the map and left clicking. If you right click, it will indicate caution by using a different sound and a yellow color. You can also ping points using the VGS system; type the first two characters of the VGS command and left click on the ground where you want the ping to display.


Gold is the currency used inside of matches to purchase and upgrade items. Every players starts with certain amount of gold and earn extra gold periodically. The amount changes depending on what game mode they are playing in.
Additional gold can be obtained in several ways:

  • Dealing the killing blow ("Lasthitting") to enemy minions
  • If you don't kill it you still earn some gold as long as you are near the minion when it dies.
  • You don't gain any gold if the minion was hit by a friendly structure, even if you deal the killing blow.
  • Killing enemy Gods (The amount is determined by several factors listed bellow)
  • Kill assists
  • Destroying objectives (Towers, Phoenixes, etc.)
  • Killing jungle camps

God Kill & Streaks[edit]

When you kill an enemy god you are awarded with:

Base Amount = (150 + (Gold Earned by Victim / 100))
Level Adjustment = ((enemy level - player level) * .1)
This is capped at +/- .6.
Total = (Base Amount + (Base Amount * Level Difference Adjustment)) * 1.1 ^ Opponents Kill Streak

Achieving First Blood (the first non-neutral god kill in the match) provides an additional 200 gold. Depending on how high the victim's killstreak (the amount of kills in a row they have accumulated without dying) was, the kill win reward more gold and it'll end their killing spree.


Experience is used to level up your god. Leveling up provides you with a passive boost to your god's stats and an additional skill point that can be used to learn or upgrade your abilities. In the main game mode (Conquest) gods start at level 1, and can level up to 20 (see Modes for other starting levels). As you progress, it'll take increasingly more experience to level up. Much like gold, experience can be obtained by killing enemy units and gods, destroying objectives, and killing neutral monsters.

Favor & Gems[edit]

Favor is something you gain by playing matches in the game. It is a form of currency that can be used unlock new gods, and some cosmetic skins. It also allows you to rent gods you don't own for a limited time.

Ways of earning Favor:

  • Completing the Tutorial will grant you 100 favor.
  • Each time you win a practice match with a different god it grants you 50 favor. (You can only earn this bonus once per god.)
  • When a player levels up, they gain 500 favor.
  • Every time a player completes a match-made game, they receive Favor based on the match's length.
  • First win of the day bonus grants the player an extra +100 favor. (The bonus is unique for each mode, so it can be earned more than once a day.)
  • Winning the game will grant the player more favor than a loss. (You will still gain favor for a loss.)

Gems are a type of currency in the game that you can only obtain by either buying them with real money, redeeming promotion codes or from completing offers. You can use these gems to unlock new gods or to buy cosmetic skins and voicepacks.

Apart from all that, logging in at least once a day grants you a favor bonus, and the more days in a row you log in the greater the rewards. The first day grants 75 Favor, the second grants 125, the third 250, then 350 for the fourth, and 450 for the fifth. After this there are two gem bonuses, 15 Gems on the sixth day and 35 on the seventh day. (A total of 1250 Favor and 50 Gems per week.) After acquiring the final reward, this progress is reset back to the first day's.


Goodwill is a system implemented in Smite to encourage players to play by the rules and obeying the community codes. For each game completed without any negative actions (being AFK consistently, abandoning matches or being reported repeatedly) you will gain 6% Goodwill up to a 100%. Goodwill increases the total favor gained from a completed match, the extra favor gained due to the goodwill progression can be seen in the after match lobby as an extra favor. Goodwill will reset upon commiting a negative action.

Account progression[edit]

Account level[edit]

Players can earn account experience by playing match, and gathering certain amount of it will level up your player level. Reaching level 30 (maximum level) is one of the requirements you must meet to participate in ranked league games.

Level Total Experience Exp from Last Level Level Total Experience Exp from Last Level
1 0 0 16 44550 5530
2 710 710 17 50280 5730
3 1430 720 18 56210 5930
4 2160 730 19 62340 6130
5 2900 740 20 70970 8630
6 4640 1740 21 79970 9000
7 6410 1770 22 89340 9370
8 8210 1800 23 99080 9740
9 10040 1830 24 119190 10110
10 14370 4330 25 119670 10480
11 18900 4530 26 130520 10850
12 23630 4730 27 141740 11220
13 28560 4930 28 153330 11590
14 33690 5130 29 165290 11960
15 39020 5330 30 179750 14460

God Masteries & Worshipers[edit]

Worshipers are acquired by being victorious in battle. For each match you play, you earn worshipers for the god you played with. You gain God Ranks for worshipers that you acquire. For every god that you get to God Rank 1, you gain a Mastery Level Icon LevelPlayerProfile.png. To unlock the Golden Skin for a god, you must have God Rank 1 with it. To unlock their Legendary skin, you must reach God Rank 5, and for the Diamond skin you must have God Rank 10 with it. You can also earn special player avatars by reaching certain Mastery Levels: Mastery Level icons.

Amount of worshipers required for each God Rank:

  • God Rank NewUI Rank 1.png: 50 Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 2.png: 155(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 3.png: 260(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 4.png: 365(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 5.png: 470(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 6.png: 575(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 7.png: 680(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 8.png: 785(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 9.png: 890(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank NewUI Rank 10.png: 1000(110) Worshipers

Amount of worshipers earned on each mode:

  • Conquest:
  • You gain worshippers at a rate of .25 per minute.
  • Winning the match gains you 5 additional worshippers.
  • All other game modes:
  • You gain worshippers at a rate of .2 per minute.
  • Winning the match gains you 4 additional worshippers.
  • League:
  • You gain worshippers at a rate of .3 per minute.
  • Winning the match gains you 5 additional worshippers.

It's also worth mentioning that to join League matches you must own 16 gods that are at least God Rank 1.


Accolades are medals awarded for accomplishing certain tasks or feats during matches.

For a detailed list of all existing accolades, please visit their main article: Accolades


Leagues are the Ranked system used in Smite. This feature allows competitive players to compete against each other during month long seasons. There are several leagues for different game modes. You must meet certain requirements to participate in League matches.

For more detailed information about this topic, please visit its main article: League