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Favor & Gems

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Favor.png Favor is a form of currency that can be used unlock or rent gods and can also be used to unlock certain Cosmetic Items.

Ways of earning Favor:

  • Completing the Basic Tutorial will grant 100 favor.
  • Each time a player wins a practice match with a different god, they are granted 50 favor.
  • There are several level up bonuses that can grant 1000-3000 favor.
  • Each time a player completes a match-made game, they receive favor based on the duration. Additionally, winning the match will grant a favor bonus.
  • There is also a "First Win of the Day" bonus of 100 favor, one for every Normal and League game mode (6 in total).

Gems.png Gems are a special type of currency that can be obtained through several sources, such as by buying them with real money, redeeming promotional codes or completing offers. Gems can be used to unlock gods (all gods cost 200 gems regardless of favor cost) or to buy almost any cosmetic item.

Additionally, logging in at least once a day grants a daily reward, and the more consecutive days a player logs in, the greater the rewards. The first day grants 75 Favor, the second grants 125, the third 250, then 350 for the fourth, and 450 for the fifth. After this there are two gem bonuses, 15 Gems on the sixth day and 35 on the seventh day for a total of 1250 Favor and 50 Gems per week. After acquiring the final reward, or failing to log in each day, progress is reset back to the first day.