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Game Mechanics

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[edit] Crowd Control

Crowd control (also called CC) is a term used in massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG)s and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games to refer to the ability to limit the number of mobs actively fighting during an encounter. It can also refer to abilities that influence or prevent the abilities or actions of other character(s). Crowd control can be extremely powerful, controlling the possible outcomes of an encounter, as it forces opponents to use a smaller set of abilities/actions. Players use crowd control to create offense/defense ratio imbalances between themselves and their opponent(s); used properly, CC often renders an opponent nearly useless, allowing the CCer to use abilities/actions against an opponent without fear of retaliation or response. In a group setting, crowd control often makes combat safer, easier, or viable.

[edit] Types of Crowd Control

All crowd control abilities fall into one or more of three broad categories:

[edit] Movement modifiers

The ability to move faster than an opponent provides a form of crowd control, often through kiting. Any modifier that decreases an opponent's speed will allow kiting.
Many forms of crowd control use this type of modifier. Traditionally, "root" and "snare" effects that directly modify opponents' movement rates by lowering them or simply preventing movement have been the staple of this type of crowd control.
The abilities include, but are not limited to:

Control Type Effects
Slow Lowers movement rates while allowing all other actions to occur.
Cripple Prevents using most movement abilities like leaps, dashes and teleports.
Root Immobilizes the target while allowing all other actions to occur.

[edit] Forced Movement

Control Type Effects
Teleport Moves the CCer a distance away, usually instantly.
Knockback Forces opponent(s) away from the CCer.
Pull Forces opponent(s) closer (or all the way) to the CCer.
Bounce/Knockup Opponent(s) are briefly lifted off the ground, unable to control movement or use abilities; if they were stationary, they remain stationary until landing, but if they were moving, they continue moving in the same direction until landing.
Charm/Taunt Forces opponent(s) to move towards/attack the CCer.

[edit] Disables

Control Type Effects
Stun Completely incapacitates the target.
Fear Completely incapacitates the target while forcing them to run away from the caster.
Mesmerize Completely incapacitates the target. Effect breaks upon taking damage.
Silence Prevents the target from using any abilities.
Banish Completely incapacitates the target and prevents everyone from targeting them.

[edit] Crowd Control Reduction

[edit] Magi's Blessing

This item only protects you from Hard crowd control effects: stuns, knock ups, silences, roots, and few other effects. It does NOT protect you from slows, or the following abilities:

God Ability Control Type
Hades Pillar of Agony Pull
Hercules Earthbreaker Pull

This is a somewhat complete list (as of 0.1.2015) of all crowd control effects that Magi's Blessing will protect you from:

God Ability Control Type Notes
Agni Noxious Fumes Stun
Anhur Disperse Knock Back
Anhur Impale Push and Stun
Anubis Mummify Stun
Ao Kuang Spirit's Tempest Knock Back
Aphrodite Back Off Knock Back
Aphrodite Kiss Stun
Apollo Across The Sky Knock Back
Apollo Serenade Mesmerize
Arachne Drain Life Silence Arachne stays on your head.
Arachne Cocoon Pull
Ares No Escape Pull
Artemis Transgressors Fate Root
Artemis Calydonian Boar Stun
Athena Confound Taunt
Bacchus Belch of the Gods Stun when Tipsy
Bacchus Belly Flop Knock Up
Bacchus Intoxicate Intoxication
Chaac Storm Call Silence and Knock Up
Chang'e Waxing Moon Stun
Chronos Stop Time Stun
Cupid Fields of Love Mesmerize and Stun
Cupid Heart Bomb Stun when fully stacked
Fenrir Unchained Stun at full runes
Fenrir Ragnarok Carry
Freya Banish Banish
Geb Cataclysm Stun
Geb Roll Out Knock Back
Geb Shock Wave Knock Up
Guan Yu Cavalry Charge Stun
Hades Shroud of Darkness Silence and Fear
He Bo Waterspout Knock Up
Hercules Driving Strike Push Back and Stun
Hercules Excavate Knock Back
Hun Batz Fear No Evil Fear
Isis Dispel Magic Silence
Isis Spirit Ball Stun
Kali Incense Stun
Loki Assassinate Stun
Mercury Special Delivery Throw
Mercury Sonic Boom Disorient
Ne Zha Armillary Sash Stun Ne Zha is still pulled toward the player.
Ne Zha Wind Fire Wheels Knock up to sky
Neith Spirit Arrow Root
Neith World Weaver Stun
Nu Wa Flame Strike Stun
Poseidon Tidal Surge Knock Back
Poseidon Release the Kraken! Knock Up and Stun
Scylla Sic 'em Root and Cripple
Sobek Charge Prey Throw
Sobek Tail Whip Knock Back
Sun Wukong 72 Transformations Knock Back and Stun
Sun Wukong Master's Will Knock Back
Sun Wukong Somersault Cloud  ? Pops bubble, but it has no CC?
Thanatos Soul Reap Silence
Thanatos Hovering Death Stun
Thor Anvil of Dawn Stun
Thor Tectonic Rift Stun
Tyr Fearless Assault Push and Knock Up
Tyr Fearless Guard Knock Aside
Tyr Powercleave Knock Up after Fearless Assault
Vamana Clear the Path Knock Up
Vulcan Magma Bomb Knock Back and Stun
Xbalanque Darkest of Nights Stun
Ymir Frost Breath Stun
Zeus Detonate Charge Stun
Zhong Kui Book of Demons Stun

It will also protect you from the stun of Fist of the Gods.

[edit] Damage, Defense, Penetration and Critical Hits

There are three types of damage: Physical, Magical, and True damage. Gods are classified as being either magical or physical, with their abilities and basic attacks scaling out of that power.
A god's magical and physical protection values will reduce the amount of damage the corresponding types of damage apply.
A target's protection values can be reduced by penetration and reduction items.
Basic attack from a physical god have a chance of being a critical hit. A critical hit will do twice the amount of damage.

For more detailed information about these topics, please visit their main article: Damage

[edit] Combat Log

The Combat Log will display detailed damage and healing information. You can see it as a tab in the normal Chat window.

[edit] Map

The minimap shows important information about character positions.

You can ping the minimap by pressing the Free Mouse key (default Alt) and moving the cursor over the map and left clicking. If you right click, it will indicate caution by using a different sound and a yellow color. You can also ping points using the VGS system; type the first two characters of the VGS command and left click on the ground where you want the ping to display.

[edit] Gold

Gold is the currency used inside of matches to purchase and upgrade items. Every players starts with certain amount of gold and earn extra gold periodically. The amount changes depending on what mode they are playing in.
Additional gold can be obtained in several ways:

  • Dealing the killing blow ("Lasthitting") to enemy minions
  • If you don't kill it you still earn some gold as long as you are near the minion when it dies.
  • You don't gain any gold if the minion was hit by a friendly structure, even if you deal the killing blow.
  • Killing enemy Gods (The amount is determined by several factors listed bellow)
  • Kill assists
  • Destroying objectives (Towers, Phoenixes, etc.)
  • Killing jungle camps

[edit] God Kill & Streaks

When you kill an enemy god you are awarded with:

Base Amount = (150 + (Gold Earned by Victim / 100))
Level Adjustment = ((enemy level - player level) * .1)
This is capped at +/- .6.
Total = (Base Amount + (Base Amount * Level Difference Adjustment)) * 1.1 ^ Opponents Kill Streak

Achieving First Blood (the first non-neutral god kill in the match) provides an additional 200 gold. Depending on how high the victim's killstreak (the amount of kills in a row they have archieved without dying) was, the kill win reward more gold and it'll end their killing spree.

[edit] Experience

Experience is used to level up your god. Leveling up provides you with a passive boost to your god's stats and an additional skill point that can be used to learn or upgrade your abilities. All gods start at level 1, and can level up to 20. As you progress, it'll take increasingly more experience to level up. Much like gold, experience can be obtained by killing enemy units and gods, destroying objectives, and killing neutral monsters.

[edit] Favor & Gems

Favor is something you gain by playing matches in the game. It is a form of currency that can be used unlock new gods, and some cosmetic skins. It also allows you to rent gods you don't own for a limited time.

Ways of earning Favor:

  • Completing the Tutorial will grant you 100 favor.
  • Each time you win a practice match with a different god it grants you 50 favor. (You can only earn this bonus once per god.)
  • When a player levels up, they gain 500 favor.
  • Every time a player completes a match-made game, they receive Favor based on the match's length.
  • First win of the day bonus grants the player an extra +100 favor. (The bonus is unique for each mode, so it can be earned more that once a day.)
  • Winning the game will grant the player more favor than a loss. (You will still gain favor for a loss.)

Gems are a type of currency in the game that you can only obtain by either buying them with real money, redeeming promotion codes or from completing offers. You can use these gems to unlock new gods or to buy cosmetic skins and voicepacks.

[edit] God Masteries & Worshipers

Worshipers are acquired by being victorious in battle. For each match you play, you earn worshipers for the god you played with. You gain God Ranks for worshipers that you acquire. For every god that you get to God Rank 1, you gain a Mastery Level. To unlock the Golden Skin for a god, you must have God Rank 1 with it. To unlock their Legendary skin, you must have God Rank 10 with it.

Amount of worshipers required for each God Rank:

  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 01.png: 50 Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 02.png: 155(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 03.png: 260(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 04.png: 365(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 05.png: 470(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 06.png: 575(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 07.png: 680(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 08.png: 785(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 09.png: 890(105) Worshipers
  • God Rank Acquisition GodRank 10.png: 1000(110) Worshipers

Amount of worshipers earned on each mode:

  • Conquest:
  • You gain worshippers at a rate of .25 per minute.
  • Winning the match gains you 5 additional worshippers.
  • All other game modes:
  • You gain worshippers at a rate of .2 per minute.
  • Winning the match gains you 4 additional worshippers.
  • League:
  • You gain worshippers at a rate of .3 per minute.
  • Winning the match gains you 5 additional worshippers.

It's also worth mentioning that to join League matches you must have 12 gods at atleast God Rank 1.

You can earn special avatars by reaching certain Mastery Levels:

Mastery Level 10 Mastery Level 20 Mastery Level 30 Mastery Level 40 Mastery Level 50
Mastery Level 10 Icon Mastery Level 20 Icon Mastery Level 30 Icon Mastery Level 40 Icon Mastery Level 50 Icon
Mastery Level 60 Mastery Level 70 Mastery Level 80 Mastery Level 90 Mastery Level 100
Mastery Level 60 Icon Mastery Level 70 Icon Mastery Level 80 Icon Mastery Level 90 Icon Mastery Level 100 Icon